What is he, a male lion?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
April 12, 2013
What is he, a male lion?

You can immediately say briefly - the man-Leo is very overbearing. He has great inner strength and strives for power. And if you answer the question, what men like Leo, then the answer will be unequivocal: he respects those who resemble himself.

What are the lions

A man who was born under the sign of Leo is an ardent admirer. He is very gentle with a wide open soul. The lion always sees the goal in front of him and is confidently approaching it. He is very hard to defeat, especially in love. For himself, he is looking for the woman who will be his worthy and if he wants her, he makes a queen out of her.

People often ask what sign is suitable for a Leo man? Aries and Sagittarius are most suitable at a young age. They are all signs of Fire. And in their youth they live in independence and selflessness. Later, Lions need a calm and sedentary life, so the sign of Capricorn and the sign of Gemini are ideal for him in a joint life.

What kind of women do male lions like?

In order to lure a male Lion into her network, a woman must possess an individuality, have a strong character and external beauty. This woman should strive to create a strong and friendly family.The women themselves are unaware of what women love Lions men. Coquetting with them, a woman does not see that Leo values ​​her wisdom and intelligence. They love to take care and attention from women. They do not like to discuss their past with others, they do not like being jealous. The beauty of relationships is what puts a Leo man in the first place.

The lion itself is a big jealous man. He will not tolerate an attempt on his property. And it is not worthwhile for a woman to whisper in his ear about how many fans she had and how her childhood friend loves her. Otherwise, it will be possible to observe an active volcano. In addition to jealousy, the Leo man loves himself very much. He always wants to be the only one, wants to please and praise him for different little things. Leo always wants to hear that he is the most-most in all respects.

Why do Leo women

A woman is looking for a Leo man so that his strength and valor can be seen next to her. And he needs to be given such an opportunity. He must feel that he is the head of the family. Aesthetics - one of the criteria of Lviv. He loves everything beautiful: dishes, bedding, comfort. Also these men are romance. Dinner by candlelight, for example, will bring him a lot of pleasure.

Lviv often has flashes of emotions, so it is recommended to be gentle with him, to be able to listen, as he likes to have his own audience. Leo loves to share his problems, he loves to be calmed in difficult situations. To relieve his ardor, the woman next to him must be balanced, calm and emotionally stable.