What is kiting and what are its advantages?

Modern people have access to a huge number of various services that facilitate and simplify life, and sometimes make it more interesting and brighter. For example, today it is not necessary to organize a holiday and look for a venue, it is enough to use kiting. But first find out what it is and what the concept includes.

What is it?

What is catering or, as it is called otherwise, catering? Offsite catering outside the catering establishment. This is a relatively new trend in the restaurant business, which has already become popular in many European countries and has now spread throughout Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

In catering is a full-fledged organization of the event:

  • assistance in finding premises or territory (if necessary);
  • transportation of furniture, canopies and other necessary items;
  • lighting, sound and video accompaniment, sometimes the organization of a mini-scene;
  • registration of premises or territory;
  • purchase and delivery of products, dishes, containers, spoons, knives and forks;
  • transportation to the place of equipment required for cooking and full service of guests;
  • preparation of the menu taking into account the requirements and wishes of customers;
  • cooking;
  • serving;
  • full service of the event (work of waiters, barmen and cooks);
  • cleaning of the territory after the holiday.

The set of services may differ in different companies, but the wider their range, the better, because it will allow the customer to completely relax and get rid of any organizational responsibilities.

Interesting fact! The direction of kiting originated at the beginning of the last century in America, and its main and only task was to feed the workers who participated in those long times in the mass and widespread construction of skyscrapers. Then the idea was picked up by company executives, starting to deliver food for employees directly to the office to save time for lunch breaks.


There are several types of kiting:

  1. Indoor catering. The event is organized in a closed and having an impressive room space, for example, in a banquet hall, a spacious cottage or a country house, in a villa, in a castle.There certainly will be furniture and basic equipment, and all this will not have to be delivered, which will reduce the price of the service.
  2. Exit catering. Part of the dishes can be prepared in a restaurant or other equipped room, but it is also possible to have full cooking at the venue of the celebration. This will require the organization of the kitchen, which will complicate the task and entail additional costs.
  3. Catering for delivery is gaining momentum in recent times and involves the delivery of ready-made meals or whole complex dinners. The service is often used by the leaders of large companies that provide food for employees. It is possible to supply fully prepared dishes in containers, to prepare on-site or to handle pre-prepared semi-finished products.
  4. Social catering applies to family events held in homes. The customer provides the premises and the necessary equipment (in part or in full), but the organization of the holiday falls on the catering company.
  5. Catering of events - mass service of visitors and visitors during concerts, sports competitions, competitions.
  6. VIP catering - the service at the highest level: inviting eminent chefs and waiters of model appearance, using the latest modern technologies, preparing delicious dishes and drinks.
  7. Children's catering - events organized for children. It includes catering and the development of a special menu, as well as an entertainment part with animators, contests, clowns, and so on.
  8. Separately, there is an exit bar, which includes only a bar with drinks and simple snacks. The bartender prepares cocktails, the assistant distributes and distributes them, the waiter offers a la carte dishes (usually without plates: on skewers, in tartlets).

Depending on the organization of food at the event stand out buffet catering, buffet, barbecue, coffee break, picnic, banquet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of catering services:

  • Full service of any event "from and to". The customer only needs to make a payment and completely forget about all organizational issues, enjoying the holiday with everyone.
  • Complete freedom of choice. You can choose absolutely any venue for the event,any style of registration. In addition, you can create your own menu, not limited to the dishes offered by the chefs.
  • The opportunity to arrange a holiday in any place, without becoming attached to restaurants, cafes or homes. You can organize everything in a cottage, in a country house, in a camp site, in a company office, or even outdoors in the open air.
  • Save time. You do not need to search for a room, coordinate the menu and select suitable dishes, supply products, engage in decoration and, finally, carry out cleaning after the holiday. All these concerns are taken by the catering company.


  • Great service cost. But it is fully justified, because the performer must hire cooks, barmen and waiters, take care of the delivery of everything necessary, purchase food, design the territory, perhaps, prepare an entertainment program. It takes time and effort.
  • In some cases, it is necessary to have a room in which the equipment will be located. But there are companies that independently organize mobile kitchens.
  • The need for sources of electricity necessary for the operation of technology.For this reason, it is not possible to hold a holiday, for example, in the forest. But a powerful generator can solve the problem.

How to choose a catering company?

At the moment, catering services are provided by many companies, so it is not so easy to decide the choice. Contact an agency that has been working for a long time and has a good reputation. Discuss the whole range of services in order to understand what to expect. A great advantage will be the presence of the company site, and on it you can find the opinions of customers or even a portfolio (photo from the events held). You can search for reviews on thematic forums or in social networks. Pay attention to how the agency employees work: whether they find out your wishes, discuss the progress of the process, offer ideas, clarify the details.

Compare several companies to choose the best. And remember that the price should not be the main criterion of choice, since catering will in any case entail significant costs, and an attempt at savings may affect the quality of service and the end result.

Now you know what catering is, so you can conduct any event with the help of such services.And some may want to open their kiting business.

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