What is now fashionable from clothes?

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What is now fashionable from clothes?

Fashion is changeable and unique at every moment. It is not surprising that fashionistas and fashionistas are constantly interested in what is now fashionable from clothes. We decided to help you with this, at first glance, a difficult choice. Let's say right away: it is very easy to pick up the necessary thing, because fashion trends offer a wide range of fresh ideas for different people. You can always properly dress and look at all 100.

For women and men this season, fashion exists with a renewed and diverse mood. At this time, different textures, shapes and styles are fashionable. Let's talk about everything in more detail.

Fashionable clothing color

The very peep is an outfit completely from the same color range, tone to tone, up to the handbag and the boots. If you decide to dress like this, choose beautiful muted tones - gray, brown, black ... Bright and screaming tones will make you simply parrot! Also, fresh and clean tones will never go out of style. Choose the ones that suit you best, combine them correctly with each other and create your beautiful image.

  • For the fall-winter 2012-2013, one can distinguish the leader among fashionable colors - khaki.And the fashion concerns many shades of this color. Elegant olive, brighter greenish and muffled khaki with a gray tint - this is what is now fashionable clothing color.

By the way, a few words about the invoice. Military color will be relevant for fine fabrics, silk, satin, and not coarse materials.

  • The trend of this fall is also orange. But what about without the flashy brightness of red in cold autumn and winter ?! Blouses, coats, skirts - anything. Do not overdo it.
  • And another fashionable color is cobalt, or deep blue. A shirt with a brilliant sheen or neat dress. The main thing is to complement this blue with neutral colors: black, white, muted khaki or gray.

Clothing style

You can't say what style is in fashion now. The dominant style cannot be distinguished at this time. The style of military is returning, the office style (classic) has not gone anywhere: sheath dresses, fake collars, straight skirts, strict blouses.

A puppet style will also be popular: little dresses, ruffles, bows, various accessories. All in pastel colors.

It will also be relevant to look at the outfits, demonstrating women's chic, ballet theme (tutu-skirts) and even business clothes for women in the men's style.

Choose any or even try to combine them, only with taste! The main thing is to let the style harmonize not only with fashion, but also with your mood.

Fashion Items

You can guess what fashionable clothes are now by what has already been described above. But there are several unusual options.

  1. Leather skirt or dress. Choose based on your type of shape. Colors - see above.
  2. Suit male type, but on the female figure. You can even wear it with a tie. It will look good in a classic gray.
  3. Leggings and tight pants, mostly suede.
  4. Pleated skirts, and any length: from mini to maxi. Combine with a turtleneck or jacket.
  5. Jacket with fur, natural or artificial.
  6. Cape coat, or - cap. Wear it with a dress or tight jeans, and you will not leave indifferent any passer-by.
  7. Socks, socks, coquettishly peeking out of shoes, perhaps even from shoes!

fashionable accessories

We discussed what is now fashionable from clothes, let's move on to its important addition - accessories.

  • Ease and ease your autumn look will give a small handbag.Let them be several, under different shades and styles of your image. This handbag, where there is only all the most necessary.
  • As for jewelry, the fall of 2012 inclines to massive chains and rings. The main thing - do not lose grace, in all you need to know when to stop. It would be perfectly combined, it would seem, the opposite things: a light dress, a cape coat and a massive elegant bracelet.
  • Knitted scarves are returned, several times wrapped around the neck.
  • In the fashion gloves of medium length (also made of elastic skin) and mitts.

As you can see, the fashion of autumn 2012 is quite democratic, it allows you to choose everything that is most suitable for a particular person. You can also “wander” through online stores in search of specific fashion models and images and see photo reports from the latest fashion exhibitions. With the help of them and our advice you can create not only a fashionable and bright image, but also emphasize your individuality. The main thing - choose only what suits you. Experiment, pick and wear things with pleasure!