What is biohacking?

Modern people are well aware of the importance of good health, and therefore new methods of recovery are constantly emerging. Some suggest a change in some habits, others require a revision of lifestyle. The newfashionable method is biohacking. Find out what it is, how to follow it.

What is biohacking?

What is biohacking so popular among modern “advanced” people? It is a comprehensive health monitoring system, which is based on a detailed and in-depth analysis of key life indicators. The technique covers all major aspects of human activity, the sphere of life, the characteristics of the functioning of the organism.

If you translate the concept from the English language, in which it first began to be used, then you will learn something like “life hacking”. Biohackers are trying to literally hack their bodies, delve into their work, understand the basic principles and use the information obtained to improve their health and stabilize all vital processes.

Biohacking is a whole system, which can be called health-improving medical practice. The main tasks are to improve the quality of life, prolong its life, and normalize the state of health. Among the tasks and ways of achieving the goals we can note the gradual adjustment of important reactions occurring in the human body, inherent processes of vital activity and functions of systems and organs. Particular attention is paid to sleep, physical activity, nutrition, interaction with the outside world.

What does biohacking include?

In biokhaking, the following main stages can be distinguished:

  1. Diagnostics. It should be comprehensive and includes various methods: functional, medical, laboratory, cognitive. That is, it is not an ordinary clinical examination, which is carried out in the clinic, but a whole range of measures aimed at assessing the functioning and condition of the body and all its components, and not only physical ones. Ideally, a person should pass all tests, undergo diagnostic procedures, evaluate the work of important organs in different states, and visit a psychologist.
  2. Consultation based on diagnostic results.The specialist must determine the starting points, found out taking into account the state of human health, the diseases and deviations he has, the real lifestyle and other factors. It also identifies the desired results and how to achieve them.
  3. Drawing up an individual program based on the initial state of health and the goals of change.
  4. Correction of lifestyle and achievement of goals. Some people call this treatment, but, in fact, medical intervention in the body is minimal and is required only for obvious pathologies.
  5. Re-diagnosis in order to track the dynamics and evaluation of intermediate results. Consultation is also required so that the person understands what his progress is and in which direction he should continue to move.
  6. If necessary, the program is adjusted according to the results achieved and the analysis of the changes that have occurred.


There are the following directions biohakina:

  • Food. First of all, all harmful products that negatively affect health are excluded from the diet: smoked products, semi-finished products, fatty, pickled, flour, sweets and so on.Secondly, it is important to remove from the menu that which causes undesirable reactions or is poorly tolerated. Food should be fun and help improve the functioning of the body.
  • Physical activity. It is necessary to increase physical activity, select training programs and suitable exercises, conduct regular exercises.
  • Normalization of the hormonal background. It is adjusted under the strict supervision of a specialist taking into account the existing deviations, age and sex.
  • Genetics. Mandatory identification of hereditary diseases and risk assessment, analysis of propensity to one or another genetic diseases. This allows you to live in such a way as to minimize the likelihood of pathological genes.
  • Detoxification - a comprehensive cleansing of all body systems from toxic, toxic and slag substances.
  • Sleep. A full and healthy sleep is required, which should last at least 8-9 hours a day. It is also important to train yourself to fall asleep and wake up at the same time.
  • Brain activity. To succeed in life, you need to improve mental abilities, develop, acquire new knowledge and skills, train attention, memory and logical thinking, as well as develop creative abilities.
  • Cosmetic aspects.It is important to look after yourself and take care of the beauty of the skin, teeth, hair, nails.
  • Stress management involves the stabilization of emotional and psychological states, increasing stress tolerance, mastering techniques of relaxation and abstraction, changing attitudes towards situations and life in general.
  • Correction of health. For its implementation, biologically active supplements and herbal remedies, medical procedures can be recommended.
  • Unity with nature, finding harmony, organic interaction with the outside world.
  • Awareness: its place in the world, the meaning of life, the basic life principles.

Advantages and disadvantages

What is newfangled biohacking useful for? Consider its main advantages:

  • Comprehensive and in-depth approach.
  • This is not a one-time measure, but a new way of life, which allows not only to achieve positive results, but also to preserve them.
  • The possibility of a real improvement in health.
  • Revaluation of the way of life, values, basic principles. Changes are often positive.


  • We'll have to follow the principles of biohacking for life.
  • The danger caused by self-management and unreasonable intake of drugs.
  • It is unlikely that it will be possible to cure serious diseases without professional medical care.

If you decide to follow the rules of biohacking, then study its basic principles and weigh the pros and cons, armed with the helpful information contained in the article.

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