What is sarcasm?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
August 1, 2012
What is sarcasm?

Today, many people show a frivolous attitude to life. They speak disrespectfully even about serious matters. Especially sarcastic. What is sarcasm and why such a mood of mind is popular in society, let's see!

Sarcastic notes

Sarcastic humor deprives others of human dignity. To understand what sarcasm is, let's look at the origin of the word. Translated from the Greek, the verb "sarcasm" literally means "to tear meat, like dogs." Imagine a dog tearing away meat from a bone with your teeth. Similarly, the effect of banter. Barbs for the object of jokes, it's like meat for a dog.

Manifestation of sarcasm in a relationship

This topic is very relevant in the child, teenage environment and between close people, as well as at work among employees. In the question of what is sarcasm in a relationship, there is a note of misunderstanding, which we will now dispel. If we talk about the sarcastic attitude towards children, it is clear that often the child does not distinguish between what is said seriously and does not take a joke.And, seeing around laughing faces, he feels insult. Worse, learning to not trust their feelings.

And what about sarcasm in adult relationships? How unpleasant to hear when a loved one humiliates or makes fun of his loved one in the presence of others. All around perceive it as a joke, and the victim - as a criticism of her. This humiliating state must be stopped. Be sure to talk about your feelings with the offender. If this is not done, the behavior of the partner will not change.

Sarcasm - Emotional Abuse

Unlike bruises, which are visible on the body after physical violence, sarcasm causes invisible changes in the mind and personality of a person. This may change his attitude towards other people for a long time. What does sarcasm mean, and why does it bring so much pain?

According to one dictionary, sarcasm is the highest degree of caustic irony, based on veiled criticism and comedy jokes. It is considered a non-rude attack, but it is the basis for a quarrel.

Draw conclusions, be sincere with other people. Express your opinion directly, without resorting to sarcasm.