Every day, millions of people feel the need to contact a loved one who is in another city or abroad. If long-distance calls are within the power of a wallet, then international calls are very expensive.

The Internet solves the problem of communicating at a distance using email or other programs. One of these programs is Skype (Skype).

What is Skype?

The program Skype is designed for free communication at a distance. It allows you to communicate with people from different countries for free over the Internet.

Skype includes several ways to communicate:

  • Text messaging (correspondence). Messages are delivered instantly. This method is suitable for those who have a slow and expensive Internet.
  • Communication through the microphone. Having a microphone with headphones or speakers, you can communicate with the person in the same way as on the phone.
  • Communicating with a webcam. Using a webcam, you and your partner can see each other on the monitor screen.

In addition, in order to begin to communicate, we need the following conditions:

  • You and your interlocutor must have a computer or a modern mobile phone with Internet access.
  • Skype should be installed and configured.
  • Your contact must be added to your contact list.

Skype can be downloaded from the official website.
�Downloading is completely free. The official site contains the complete installation instructions for the program.

How to register in Skype?

After the Skype program is installed, you will see a window for entering your login and password. What do we do next?

  • Click on the button "You do not have a login."
  • Enter the required information about yourself. This information includes your full name, Skype name, your password.
  • After entering the information you need to put a tick in front of "Yes, I have read ..."
  • Then a window appears to enter your email address, the country and region in which you live.
  • Click on the button "Login".

After registering with Skype you will be able to see its settings. You can configure the microphone, video and proxy.

What is Skype toolbars?

Skype toolbar is a toolbar for the Mozilla Firefox browser that has the ability to recognize phone numbers on web pages. When installing Skype, the Skype toolbar is installed by default. At this time, Mozilla Firefox browser developers have added Skype toolbar to the block list.This was explained by the fact that the program provokes browser crashes.

What is Skype access?

Skype access is an easy, fast and economical way to connect to the Internet. For example, if you have a need to check your email or tell your parents that you are okay, before boarding a flight, use Skype Access. To connect to the Internet, you need to find a WiFi connection point (there are more than 500,000 in the world), enter Skype, and connect to the WiFi zone.