What is talc?

Kate flower
Kate flower
December 19, 2014
What is talc?

Talc is a mineral, a crystalline substance. To the touch is a white, crumbly powder, sometimes it may be a greenish tint. It is by the color of talc that it is judged on its quality and processing - the whiter, the better the product. For industrial purposes, microtalc or ground talc is used.

Talc is quite a popular substance:

  • Used in baby powder;
  • It may be a food additive, which is designated as E553b;
  • Used in radio insulating ceramics;
  • Included in the dietary supplements, acts as a source of magnesium and silicon;
  • It is used as a filler in the following industries: medical, paintwork, paper, rubber and others.

Despite the use of talc, there are also, which showed that its long-term use in the intimate areas of a person (regardless of age) greatly increases the likelihood of tumor development in these places. Also, this study concerns the use of talcum in the armpits, as a person of either sex can get breast cancer.It works this way: with regular use on mucous membranes and in the internal parts of the genital organs, as well as talcum, which is naturally foreign to the body, passes through the skin. Its long accumulation causes chronic inflammation, then favorable conditions arise for malignant cell degeneration and the rapid growth of a cancerous tumor.

For industrial purposes, talc is quite beneficial and does not cause lung cancer when inhaled. But once again, you still need to worry about your safety and stop using talcum powder at home in favor of other, less dangerous counterparts.