What is the difference between Russian and American billiards?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
March 22, 2016
What is the difference between Russian and American billiards?

The most common versions of billiards are Russian and American. The American has another name - pool. In the past, only representatives of the aristocracy could drive the balls on special tables. Today such a game is quite accessible for every person. If it is not possible to buy a billiard table and all other accessories to play at home, then you can go to a bar or a special club.

There you can play Russian billiards, as well as American. But you need to know what the difference between them.

If we consider in general all the differences, it can be noted that:

  • tables have different sizes;
  • sizes of balls and pockets are not the same;
  • the color of the balls is different;
  • The rules of the game are completely different.

And now it is worth considering in more detail all these differences, so that at a glance it is possible to determine which game can be played on the proposed table.

The most important difference is the size of the tables.As for the American pool, the table for this game only needs a standard one. Its length is 3.6 m, and its width is 1.85 m. Standard and height, which is 0.85 m. But one very important fact must be taken into account: it is the size of amateur tables. And there are also tournament ones that are different from amateur ones. Tournament for pool must have 9 feet, and for Russian billiards - 12 feet. It should be noted that their sizes are calculated exclusively in feet.

But as for such a thing as Russian billiards, it is more a collective image. After all, on the same table you can play not only the popular game, which is called "Pyramid", but also other games. And each of them has its own secrets, which mainly concern how to properly hit the ball with a cue. Often to drive the ball into the pocket is not so easy. Especially if you have to play on a big table. But if its length is only 8 feet, then the ball here is easier to drive into the pocket.

It is important to take into account the fact that the coverage of tables designed for Russian billiards and the American pool is completely different. And not only the coating, but the flooring itself is different.Today, Americans are mostly made from metal or plastic. And on top of it is covered with synthetic fabric. Due to this, the balls, after hitting them with a cue, move with almost no resistance. But for Russian billiards a plate of wood is used as a flooring. But in some cases, natural slate is taken. And as the cover is taken woolen cloth. As for the table intended for the pool, its sides are covered with elastic, rather elastic rubber, so the balls bounce off them far, not like in Russian billiards.