What is the Hooponopono method?

Your life does not suit you? Then start changing it right now! And this will help in this unique technique with the strange name Hooponopono.

A bit of history

The technique of Hooponopono appeared thanks to the Hawaiian shaman Nalamak Simeon. And spread it around the world student shamans doctor Ihaliakala Hugh Lin, as well as the author of the book "Life without restrictions" Joe Vitale. By the way, Hugh Lin actively practiced the method when he worked as a doctor in a psychiatric clinic.

And according to him, patients became much better. At the same time, Ikhaliakala himself did not contact them, but, while reading the case histories, he uttered certain phrases (they will be listed below). By the way, verbatim the name of the technique is translated from Hawaiian as "Correction of Errors".

The essence of the method

What is the meaning of the Hooponopono method? The entire physical world that surrounds us is the result of our thoughts. That is what we think about, materializes in real life and, in fact, determines our fate. And if thoughts are negative, then life will be difficult and full of problems, unpleasant feelings.

To live easily and become happy, you just need to let go of all bad and superfluous, purify your mind and come to the source, that is, to Love and to God, which give insight and purify the soul. As a result, thoughts become positive, and life begins to change for the better.

Magic phrases

There are four phrases on which the purification of mind and soul is based:

  1. "I love you". Such words, first, help through love to come to the source and purify the mind, and secondly, they are used to get rid of negative attitudes. Thirdly, the phrase will help increase self-esteem and love yourself.
  2. "I'm sorry". It is like a message to the highest mind and regret that your thoughts were negative and led to not the best consequences and to the creation of unfavorable existence programs.
  3. "Forgive me". This phrase is a symbol of repentance and a request for forgiveness for all bad thoughts and deeds. Such words will help to feel freedom.
  4. "Thank you". Saying such words, a person thanks the Universe and God for everything that he has. Also this phrase expresses gratitude to loved ones.

You can pronounce all these phrases at any time, when you think fit.There are no restrictions. You can speak aloud and mentally. It is important to concentrate on the words and tune in to purification.

Basic principles

There are several important principles on which the Hooponopono method is based:

  • The physical universe is the embodiment of thoughts.
  • If thoughts are positive and perfect, they will create a physical reality that exudes love.
  • If thoughts are harmful, then reality will be harmful.
  • Each person bears full and 100% responsibility for the reality surrounding him.
  • Nothing exists separately from man. Everything that exists around him and in his life is the result of his thoughts.


Exercises that will help make life better:

  • "Sunny blue water". Such liquid will help to provide cleansing of the soul and be filled with the energy of the sky and sun. All you need is a blue-walled glass tank. Pour into it the usual boiled water and put it in a sunny, well-lit place at least for an hour (or better for the whole day). Such charged water can be used daily for washing, drinking, cooking, and so on.
  • "Eraser".This technique will help clean up any object, as well as get rid of the problem. Select the thing that needs cleaning, and tap it with an eraser pencil. If you are worried about a problem, then briefly (literally in a few words) describe it on a piece of paper, tap the label several times, and then just erase it.
  • Mirror. This technique can be used to feel all-embracing love and increase self-esteem. You just need to stand near the mirror, carefully examine each part of the body and facial features and mentally think about how you love each piece. Strive to see the very essence of your nature, fill it with love.
  • "Dewdrop". In Hooponopono's method, such a word is unique and purifies everything, like the morning's purest dew. You just need to say it at the right time, for example, when threatened, during fear or anger, or if someone needs help. There are no restrictions, you can use the "dewdrop" literally every minute.
  • "Velcro". This word also has a powerful cleansing effect.
  • Exercise "Cloud" will require you to work the imagination. Lie on a flat surface and completely relax.Imagine that a small cloud was formed above your head. It may have a specific color, it is permissible. When you see it, say the phrase "I love you." Next, start pushing the cloud to your feet and try to feel how it begins to envelop you. At the same time constantly repeat the phrase "I love you." Next, try to return the cloud to your head, and when it is there, increase it and immerse yourself in it completely, enjoying ease and harmony.
  • Breath Ha. Start inhaling and count to 10. The counting speed should be average. Then hold your breath a little and also slowly exhale for 10 counts, stretching the syllable “Haaaaa”. Some believe that this technique helps to relax and can even get rid of depression.
  • "Blue Ice". This technique will help get rid of the suffering and even physical pain. Just in the right moments, mentally pronounce this phrase and think about it. You can use it in pain, in moments of grief and so on.
  • Switch. When you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, just imagine that there is a big switch in front of you that will help you erase all that is unpleasant and superfluous.Use it to get rid of the problem and start from scratch.
  • To attract money, use the technique "Money". Spread out your money in front of you and, while uttering the phrase “I love you,” stroke it, touch it. And paying the money, say the words "I thank you."
  • Fill a glass with на water. Put it in any place and change the water daily. Such a tool will save you from any unpleasant memories.


As the reviews show, the technique really works. Many of those who practiced and continue to practice it noticed noticeable changes. They began to think positively and learned to enjoy life and take everything from it. Even after two weeks, people literally transform.

Use Hooponopono's unique method to change your life for the better!

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