What is useful blue clay

As mentioned above, clay is used to treat so many diseases. And cancer is no exception. In this disease, clay is applied to the diseased organ or consumed orally. It is proved that it is blue clay that copes very well with all kinds of tumors, be they malignant or benign. Perhaps this is even due to the fact that it includes such a radioactive element as radium. During treatment, this mineral gives the body this element in its pure form. Surely there are those who think that it is harmful, but it’s not so simple. Clay gives radium to the body precisely in the amount that is needed. It also includes a lot of mineral salts and trace elements that are very necessary for man. And again, it is interesting that they are in it in a form in which our body will assimilate them well.
Some believe that clay is like a psychic, it heals the human biofield, and this, accordingly, affects health. Well, be that as it may, it is very effective.Official medicine uses Cambrian clay to treat joints, spine and muscles. It is also used to treat female subacute diseases. And for many, many more. Abroad - in Germany and Sweden - clay is also used, only there it is most often used to treat a disease like tuberculosis.
It is impossible to list all the diseases that are treated with blue clay in traditional medicine. They are just a lot. It has an absorbent, enveloping and anti-inflammatory action. She can treat both stomach and prostatitis. Can be used for skin in the form of masks. It is also useful for hair. If you add some clay to the water and then wash your hair with this water, your curls will become healthy and you will forget about dandruff. Yellow plaque on the teeth can also be removed using Cambrian clay. To do this, simply rub them with it. By the way, she is like nothing else helps to strengthen the gums. They will stop bleeding. In other words, people use it everywhere. And I think that for good reason. After all, all natural helps much better than all kinds of drugs. Surely you should pay attention to this mineral.