What is useful for men?

The current men, for the most part, do not justify the definition of "the stronger sex." It has long been observed that men are weaker creatures than ladies. They get sick if not more often than women, then more. They are more likely to have heart attacks, they are subject to the dangerous effects of stress, because they are ill able to "let off steam". But you have to do something about it, you need to save men, feed them better, monitor their health so that they become stronger. What is useful for men? What do men and their women need to know to maintain their health?

Healthy products for men

Any man (unless he is a convinced vegetarian) eats meat with pleasure. Moreover, most of them can not live without it. No need to limit the desire of a person to use this product. The ancient roots in us are strong enough, and the human subconscious mind remembers that meat is the main male bread. However, it is better not to fry it, and bake, boil and simmer.

Usually, the average man in the street is interested in what can improve potency? It is important to eat vegetable food.Celery - a spectacular assistant. Raw celery is used in salads, and both root and leaves are used. In the soup, celery root will give flavor and taste.

Useful products for men are nuts, beans and seafood. Surprisingly, if you regularly use products from this list, the ability to conceive remains at almost any age. In addition, nuts improve cerebral circulation, which has a great effect on attention and memory.

Dietitians are constantly changing their attitude towards eggs. It used to be that it was not safe to consume more than four pieces a week, because they contain too much harmful cholesterol. Soon there was a refutation of this information, ostensibly cholesterol in eggs is not harmful at all. But still, it is better not to abuse them, but to eat eggs dosed.

What is useful for men? The fish must be present on the table of a real man regularly. It is advisable to eat it at least once a week, or even two.

Most men respect borscht and generally homemade food. Should listen to the intuitive desires. What is cooked in your own kitchen is almost always healthier and healthier than cold purchased food.Food that is preheated is better absorbed, and meat in the soup is healthier than sausage with smoked bacon.

It would be natural and trite to note that beer and any alcohol impede the development of healthy habits. If it is absolutely impossible to give up alcohol on a holiday, try to drink activated charcoal, and only then consume drinks. So you can significantly reduce the harmful effects of toxins and poisons that are formed in the body.

Movement is necessary

Any lean and relatively healthy guy will instantly turn into a flabby citizen if he permanently sits at the computer and behind the wheel. Requires an active form of recreation. Choose something that will be interesting, and meet the preferences. After all, it is not necessary to visit the hall with iron, you can play tennis or ride a bike. Cardiac loads train your heart, and you protect yourself from all heart failure.

People who, with passion, build up muscles, pushing the barbell and taking anabolic steroids, do not become healthier. This practice leads to problems with potency and other deviations.


It is believed that a man who abstains from sex (for various reasons),doesn't get healthier. But a lot of sex - this is supposedly an excellent simulator for the heart and all muscles. These statements are well-grounded. Indeed, abstinence, especially long, often has irreversible consequences.

A lot of sex in the same way harms fragile men's health, especially for people over forty. Some studies show that lovers of frequent sex immunity decreases. Also, it is known that the quality of their sperm does not make it easy to conceive a baby. It is optimal if a man recovers within two to three days after intercourse.

If a man is full or his heart is not the strongest, sex becomes even dangerous for him. There are statistics that men die during sex often enough, often women twenty times. Therefore, you should take care of health before you decide to actively engage in a pleasant occupation.

In the category of those who risk health, lovers of change partners fall. In addition to the already mentioned problems associated with immunity and low-quality sperm, the risk of getting an unpleasant infection increases. And no condom can provide 100% protection, because there is a danger of it breaking.

Enjoy life

While a man is young, he does not often think about what is useful for men. But youth is fleeting, it passes and leaves us with sickness and sad thoughts. So let's try to keep it as long as possible.

To stay young, one must not only eat right, one must feed one’s inner world and soul. Be sure to pay time to your hobby, develop in it, find new facets. Such impressions and knowledge are extremely favorable for the health of any person. If your being will bring you pleasure - you will become happier and more cheerful.