What kind of cosmetics can not be used in the winter?

Cold is undoubtedly a stress factor for our skin. Because in the winter she needs special care. Unfortunately, many women continue to use their usual means for grooming and winter, motivating their choice by the fact that they were ideally suited up to this. But over time there are problems - dryness, peeling, redness, and the usual creams and masks can not cope with them anymore. What to do in this case?

Beauty at any time of the year

Just as we select a day and night cream, we need to select care products and depending on the pores of the year. The reason is simple - in winter our body, as if, partially falls into a hibernation: the cells are renewed much more slowly, the upper stratum corneum thickens considerably, in combination with this, the sebaceous glands do not work at full strength. Hence the peeling, feeling of tightness, pallor and redness.

The situation is also aggravated by the dry air in the houses, the cause of which is heating.Many women think that during the winter the face seemed to have aged. And, unfortunately, this to some extent can be true, if no action is taken.

The main ones are nutrition and proper care. On the latter and talk more. What kind of cosmetics is not recommended to use in the cold season?

Tonic.If it contains alcohol, set aside the product until spring and summer. In winter, such a component will dry and deplete the skin even more. Well, if among the components will appear oil and vitamin E.

An alternative can also be a cleansing milk with ceramides. They will help the nutrients to go deep inside. And most importantly, it is worth remembering - no soap to cleanse.

Cream.Favorite many girls creams with a moisturizing effect are also suitable only for heat. The same applies to such a popular component as hyaluronic acid. The latter is designed to attract moisture, but in the case of dry air, this very “hyaluron” moisture will be pulled from your skin.

It is better to choose the means that include nutrients, as well as vitamins A and E.They just help protect your face from temperature extremes. If you see the inscription “lipids” on the label, you should know that this cosmetics is suitable for winter.

Makeup base.Its dense structure will serve as another barrier against frost and wind. Water-based funds are strictly contraindicated, as they can cause frostbite. At the time you also need to forget about the gels and fluids, their action in the cold season will be zero. The best option - the basis of oil or silicone.

Owners of oily or combination skin, who are accustomed to using a matting base, should change it until spring with a cream with vitamins and oils, otherwise dryness cannot be eliminated.

It is also worth remembering that it is necessary to apply the base no later than 20-30 minutes before going outside, so that she has time to soak.

Pomade.Chapped lips are far from the most attractive sight. Especially when girls try to apply lipstick over the cracks, which instantly clogs them and makes them even more noticeable. Soften the lips will help balm, which, by the way, may have a tint, and become an alternative to the usual lipstick. The hygienic version is also suitable, as is the colorless shine.

If you can not refuse decorative lipstick, then choose the one that has a bold texture.

Ink.Do not want to be like a panda after an hour's journey to work in the snow? Then stop the choice on waterproof carcass, which will not be afraid of any weather disasters.

Beauty takes time, a competent approach and the right tools. All this in a complex will make you irresistible.

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