What do lizards eat?

I think many of you are interested to know what lizards eat. In this article we will tell you what ordinary lizards eat and what field lizards eat.

Almost all types of lizards are predators, but the feeding of lizards varies depending on their species. For example, small lizards and most medium-sized lizards feed mostly on various invertebrate creatures. These are insects, arachnids, worms and clams. Larger lizards, for example, tag or monitor lizards, feed on small vertebrates. These are frogs, snakes, small mammals, birds. They love eggs of birds and reptiles and eat even smaller lizards. Large species of monitor lizards attack large animals - deer, wild boars and even buffaloes!

There are also species of lizards that feed on a special type of food. For example, the Moloch lizard eats only ants, and the pink-tongued skink eats only terrestrial mollusks. There are also species of large lizards that can feed on plants - in whole or in part. They eat fruits, leaves, flowers of plants and young shoots.For example, the Madagascar gecko eats not only insects, but also feeds on nectar and pollen of various colors, as well as the pulp of various ripe fruits. And, let's say, the blue-tongued skink prefers leaves and shoots of plants along with various invertebrates.

Recently, fashion has gone to keep some species of lizards at home. Some may have already seen a rather strange picture when someone was walking a large lizard on a harness. Most likely, you saw the iguana. The good news is that the iguana is a fully herbivore lizard. She eats various vegetables, fruits (most of all iguanas like plums and strawberries) and salads. I must say that the iguanas bite is not too painful, but they can hit hard with their tails, if they don’t like something.

However, for many, the iguana is too large a creature, so we advise you to pay attention to a small cute lizard - ablefar. They are completely tame and absolutely not afraid of a person not only at home, but also in the wild, so keeping them at home is not difficult. Eublephars feed on various insects: flies, crickets, cockroaches. Many also give birth to chameleons.They are larger than the eublephar, but feed mainly on the same insects. There are devices that mimic live insects, but it is best to feed the chameleons with real live rather than dried flies and cockroaches.

We told you about how lizards feed domestic and some wild, now a few words about what field lizards eat. Field lizards feed according to their species. Most of the field lizards are predators, therefore they feed mainly on insects and small vertebrates (as a rule, they are frogs), but there are also herbivorous species of which a minority, and such lizards, which feed on insects and plants. Before you start a lizard, learn more about it, because different types of lizards require different housing conditions.