What muscles work when pulling up?

September 13, 2012
What muscles work when pulling up?

Many people mistakenly believe that tightening contributes only to the development of the muscles of the hands. To understand which muscles work during pulling up, it suffices to observe the implementation of this exercise from the side (a person must, of course, be without a T-shirt).

Pulling up is included in the basic exercises and involves several muscle groups at once. Which ones depends on some factors. About them further.

Pulling up: effect on muscles

  • Oddly enough, but when pulling up, the broadest muscles of the back (the so-called "wings") are always involved. For any type of pull-ups, chest muscles, biceps, forearms are involved, and the press is partially possible. Which muscles in the arms work when tightening depends on the grip.
  • Wide grip (arms wider than shoulders) maximally involve the broadest back muscles. The main thing - the correct implementation. It is not necessary to pull the chin over the crossbar, you just have to feel the tension in your back when the shoulder blades come together.
  • A narrower grip uses your hands more. So, the grip about the width of the shoulders already includes the work of the biceps. The maximum elevation above the crossbar to the sensation of tension in the biceps is your goal. Perform pull-ups to fatigue (not to exhaustion!).
  • What muscles work when tightening narrow grip? Biceps, shoulder muscles, and triceps.
  • Even more difficult exercise will allow to pump through the muscles not only of the back, but also of the neck. Pulling up behind the head, that is, the head during the lifting of the body is on the other side of the crossbar.

Do exercises in several approaches, that is, making a pause. Rest contributes to recovery, it will significantly increase the effectiveness of classes, because You will work on the growth of muscles, not their wear.