What satellite TV to choose?

Deciding to connect satellite TV, many are faced with a dilemma. Since The number of telecommunication service providers is quite large, and the conditions for connecting and providing services are different. But it is washed to consider only providers - leaders of the telecommunications market. Since these organizations will have a sufficient level of maintenance, high quality equipment and high signal quality.

In order to choose the best satellite TV, you need to consider a number of providers, for example, the most famous - Continent TV, Tricolor TV, Telecard, NTV Plus and HD platform.

The criteria for choosing a provider will be the quality of the signal and the number of TV channels, the technical characteristics of the equipment, the size of the subscription fee, as well as the cost of installing the equipment. Choosing satellite TV, which is better to take into account, so these are additional options. So many providers have such a thing as a deposit. This is a notional amount that will be on the subscriber’s personal account.Consider the offers of providers.

NTV plus

The recognized market leader in satellite and telecommunications services, because This company has become the first domestic provider. This means that for so many years, the quality of service and technical support is more than high. The signal is received in such a range that it gives the highest quality and clear image on television panels of any diagonal and resolution.

When connecting this provider, you can also set the reception of 10 HD - TV channels. When choosing a maximum connection package, you will have a choice of more than 164 satellite channels. Connecting such satellite television how to choose thematic blocks and the equipment? NTV Plus provides flexible and individual connection conditions, and provides its equipment. For this option, however, there is an additional commission, because equipment is of very high quality and requires proper maintenance. The cost of a package with a maximum connection costs 2390 rubles per month. The basic connection package, where 82 channel signals are received, will cost 550 rubles per month. The smallest number of channels in the Light package is 35 TV channels, it costs 99 rubles per month.

The installation itself will cost 10,500 rubles. With this type of connection, you will receive 2,400 rubles to your personal deposit.

Tricolor tv

The most popular provider among the population, so the number of customers is significantly higher than that of other providers. After all, many are guided when choosing which satellite TV to choose, on the ratio of price and number of channels received. Namely, in Tricolor TV, this ratio is considered the best. The most common package of this provider will cost you 600 rubles / month, with the number of channels up to 90. Of these, 73 are coded channels and only 17 are open access channels. This is significantly more attractive offer than other firms. But, as noted by customers, the signal quality, and, accordingly, the quality and clarity of the image below. This disadvantage is especially noticeable on television panels with a large screen diagonal. Also, no package from Tricolor TV broadcasts the usual cable channels, such as Animal Planet or Discovery.

The cost of connecting a satellite package and equipment is 9,000 rubles. In case of malfunctions, the call to the technical service of this provider will cost 18 rubles per minute.

Continent TV

Or in the past - Orion Express. Changing the name of the company and switching to another type of broadcasting is connected with the breakdown of the satellite, and the installation of another.

If you decide which satellite TV to choose, then you need to focus on the number of channels. A package of maximum connectivity Continent TV receives only 50 channels. A rather low subscription fee for services is connected with this. Depending on the package it will be from 99 rubles per month. up to 199 rubles per month.

In HD quality, only one TV channel is broadcasting. The quality and technical characteristics of the equipment is of average quality, but it also costs along with the connection of 9,000 rubles.

HD platform

As the name of the provider shows, the main direction of broadcasting here is aimed at receiving channels of high resolution images. So, it will be the perfect solution for anyone who has a large screen diagonal and high resolution television panels.

The provider has two premium packages. The first is the HD Platform, which includes 12 HD channels, and another HD sharing channel. The second package is DV Platform. It includes 21 channels of high definition and resolution. If we consider that the cost of broadcasting and receiving television channels in HD - quality is usually high, then in the HD platform the subscription fee will be 450 rubles per month.And this, provided both packages are connected immediately. The service and technical characteristics of the equipment are certainly very high quality, and the cost of connection will amount to 14,700 rubles.


This provider specializes in receiving a signal from stationary channels. Therefore, it is suitable for summer residents, and other people living in remote regions. And the cost of subscription fees 600 rubles. in year. The equipment itself and the installation will cost 6000 rubles. The number of channels is 18. Now you can decide which satellite TV to choose.