What song was playing on the radio?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 9, 2014
What song was playing on the radio?

Sometimes, choosing a channel of a radio station, you find an interesting song, but unfortunately you don’t know the title and author, and you want to download it to your phone or computer playlist! And you think about how to find your favorite song.

There are several ways to search for songs:

  • SMS answers;
  • radio station sites;
  • special sites;
  • forums;
  • programs for recognizing songs.

SMS answers

Many radio stations provide this service. You only need to send an SMS to the short number of the radio station while the song is playing, and in response you will receive the name of the song and its author.

Radio sites

Go to the site of your radio station and look for your song there. For example, the site of the popular radio station Europaplus in the tabs of the “Programs” → “Playlist” contains information about which song played at a certain time. Thus, you can not even memorize the words of the song, but simply remember the time of its performance on the air, and, after coming home, find the song on the site.

Additional information on how to find a song from the radio can be found in the article What played on the radio.

Special sites

There are a large number of specialized sites on the Internet, where most radio stations are represented. An example is the site. In the list of radio stations, you must select the one that you had on, and find the song that played on this radio at the right time.


Also, do not exclude forums where you can find the answer to your question. For example, if you visit the site, you can ask the participants for the name of your song or to help someone find out the name and author of his song.

Song Recognition Software

If none of the previous options fit you, you can use special programs that can recognize the songs by excerpt. The best option is the Tunatic program. First, download it to your personal computer from the site and run the program on the computer. After that, turn on the song or sing it into the microphone. After some time, the program will give an answer if the song is in the database.This way you can find the song you need very quickly.