What to bring from Turkey?

Turkey is a country of tourism, the Black Sea, the sun, beaches and, of course, bazaars. In public markets there are apparently invisibly interesting souvenirs, sweets, decorations - in general, which is not there. True, along with really good things, absolutely low-quality goods can also be sold. How not to drown in this sea of ​​diversity? We will reveal the secret of what to bring from Turkey.

Souvenirs from Turkey

  • Tobacco. Turks are true connoisseurs of tobacco delights. So do not deny yourself and your friends the pleasure of once again smoke a Turkish pipe of peace.
  • Fruit teas. Especially travelers praise pomegranate and apple.
  • Turkish sweets: baklava, sherbet, Turkish delight and so on. But be careful: good sweets are sold only by weight. In packaged, as a rule, and the taste is not the same, and the shelf life is not up to par.
  • Textile accessories. For example, towels, T-shirts, bedding, bathrobes, tablecloths and the like. Prices and quality are very attractive.
  • Leather Products. Just be sure to bargain! This rule is equally useful for any purchases in Turkish markets.
  • Souvenirs from the evil eye - a kind of round blue stones in the form of a pupil.For those who are particularly impressive, will be a very good gift. Moreover, the amulets are made of special Turkish glass.
  • Coffee Turks. Very elegant and, most importantly, high-quality gift. Local craftsmen give the products a special flavor: decorated with Turkish ornaments. The product will last a long time, do not hesitate.
  • Handmade carpets. The gift is beautiful and interesting, but the prices bite. Especially when it comes to silk products.
  • Smoking pipes. Excellent in combination with tobacco.
  • Ceramics. This is one of the best options to bring from Turkey. Do not deny yourself the pleasure if you are a fan of this kind of things. Prices are affordable, and the quality is always on top.
  • Sauna sets "Hammam". Recall that the so-called traditional Turkish bath. The set includes a towel, soap and gloves for peeling. In general, all the same that is suitable for any other sauna. A nice and practical gift with a hint of exotic.
  • Copper chasing. These are copper products in the style of the Ottoman Empire. The interior looks magical and very stylish.
  • Onyx souvenirs. Masters of this stone can be made publicly in order to attract tourists and buyers.
  • Coffee and spices offered to it. No comments here.A magical gift, coupled with a local Turk.
  • Anisette vodka. In Turkey, it is 45% and is called Rakia. As a trophy for a home bar is very, very exotic.
  • Backgammon or chess. If you or your friends prefer this kind of board games - feel free to buy. The locals are just wood carvers.
  • Various soaps. For example, olive, bay, with rose oil and so on.
  • Rose jam. Made from rose petals, this is a true delicacy. At home for a cup of tea will satisfy even the most fastidious guest.
  • Honey from pine. Very healthy and tasty.
  • Spices for culinary masterpieces.

What not to buy in Turkey

Well, now a small list of what you should not buy in Turkey:

  • Tobacco products (other than tobacco). Cigarettes here are unreasonably expensive.
  • Sunblock. Prices are high and quality suffers.
  • Appliances and electronics. Again, do not win in the price. Yes, and return in case of marriage can not.
  • Hookahs. Contrary to popular rumors about their quality, many tourists are unhappy. This product does not correspond to its price.
  • Gold. On ordinary bazaars and shops it is rarely of high quality.If we decided to experiment, it is better to use the services of branded stores.

Enjoy your vacation and shopping: now it’s easier for you to navigate what to bring from Turkey.