What to cook for dinner of minced meat?

Constantine the Great
Constantine the Great
August 8, 2011
What to cook for dinner of minced meat?

Stuffing is a very convenient product, nourishing healthy meat, easy to cook: fried with salt and pepper, added a boiled egg and pasta, and now the pasta is ready in a naval manner. Or the traditional solution, what to cook for a dinner of minced meat, are the burgers that everyone is so used to.

And what if these options are already tired of all? How to diversify the table or cook something quickly? Now you will learn many recipes.

Delicious croquettes

These meatballs are originally considered Swedish, because they have such an unexpected combination of meat and berries. How to cook meatballs with lingonberries: mix a half a kilogram of "special" or "homemade" minced meat (a mixture of pork and beef) with three slices of white bread, without crust soaked in milk. Add the finely chopped onion, one raw egg, salt and pepper. From the resulting mass roll small balls and you can roll them in flour, in a heated frying pan, fry them from different sides for about 10 minutes until a golden brown crust forms. They should be served with lingonberries, slightly boiled with a small amount of water, sugar and starch.It should make a thick sour sauce. Boiled potatoes are ideal for garnish.

Spaghetti with bolognese sauce

Pasta is ideal if you do not know what to cook for dinner to her husband quickly and tasty. For its preparation in the usual version of using fresh tomatoes and spices, but you can buy ready-made sauce or a set of spices. It depends on your desire to spend time and energy on the sauce. Mince the meat in a frying pan until crisp in a small amount of vegetable oil with finely chopped onion, then add either fresh blanched tomatoes, peeled and peeled, or tomato paste, or ready-made sauce or ketchup. On ready-made sauces or blends, look for the label “for bolognaise”. Add water and leave to evaporate for a while, until the sauce becomes thick again. Before you turn off the fire, add a pinch of basil to the sauce and try whether it has enough salt. Simultaneously with cooking, cook spaghetti, do not break them and choose those made from durum wheat so that they do not swell very much.

Potato casserole

Potato casserole - something that can be cooked for a dinner of minced meat, so that you can immediately get both meat and a side dish. Boil peeled potatoes and fry in a pan with minced meat and onions.Potatoes must be crushed in mashed potatoes, but instead of milk and butter, add an egg there. Mix thoroughly and place half the mass in a deep shape. Equating the bottom, form the first layer of the casserole. Put the mince in the second layer, you can add a little tomato paste or slices of tomato and a diced boiled egg. The third layer lay out the remnants of the potato mass, smear with sour cream on top or sprinkle with grated cheese and bake until golden brown. Served with sour cream and fresh vegetables.