What to do if a child has a rare chair

You will need
  • Bran, broccoli, carrots, apples, whole-wheat tortillas, olive oil, filter for drinking water.
First of all, it is necessary to revise the menu of the child. The point is to introduce products that increase intestinal motility. These are, for example, fiber-rich vegetables and cereals. Cellulose is not digested completely, forcing the intestines to work hard. Prepare meals for children with the addition of such products as: bran, unrefined grain, broccoli, carrot, apples. Moreover, in its raw form, fiber has the greatest effect on intestinal motility. Therefore, it is quite possible to give a child a carrot-apple salad, for example.
Eliminate the flour. Fresh pastries are especially harmful to children prone to constipation. You should not get involved in white yeast bread and sweet pastries. It is better to replace these delicacies with coarse flour cakes. The higher the grade of flour from which the bread is made, the less nutrients it contains and the more difficult it is to digest.Baked goods with bran or whole grains will be much better digested in the children's intestines.
Increase the amount of fluid your baby consumes. This will help soften the stool. It is advisable to give the child to drink plain water before meals, which starts the work of the intestines and helps to advance the food bolus through it. It is better not to boil water for the child, but to filter it. Buy a good filter home or order water delivery from a trusted company. Raw water is more beneficial, rather than boiled, affects digestion.
Cook soups. In the children's menu must be different soups. It will also help increase the amount of fluid in the baby�s body, which will make stools easier.
Minimize the consumption of foods rich in starch. If a child rarely sits on the pot �by large�, then you should not often give him potatoes, pasta or rice. Mashed potatoes from potatoes is desirable to eliminate. It is better to add these products in small quantities in soups and other dishes.
Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the second course. It will also help in the fight against childhood constipation.
Increase the motor activity of the child. Not only consumed products, but also physical activity increases intestinal motility. It should be as much as possible to walk with the child in the fresh air, to play outdoor games, corresponding to his age. Watching TV or sitting at computer games is better to minimize or even eliminate from children's life.
Reduce the load on baby liver. The cause of a rare stool in a child is not always the poor performance of the intestines. Perhaps constipation due to the fact that it does not cope with the liver. To facilitate her work, you should transfer the child to a sparing diet: remove fried, fatty and spicy. From sweets also must be completely abandoned, and sugar, if necessary, in a minimum amount.
If all the above measures do not help, then you should consult a doctor. The child may need examination and treatment with certain drugs. Self-use of laxatives should be a last resort when urgently you need to help your child empty the bowels. Systematic use of drugs is permissible only on prescription. If the child is healthy, then most often to improve the activity of his intestines, it is enough to revise the menu.
To establish a regular baby chair, follow these recommendations constantly. In order to adjust the work of the digestive system, it takes time. Therefore, it is imperative that the child constantly feed properly.