What to do if a cross is lost?

Losing any thing is unpleasant and offensive. But if the cross is lost, it can upset and frighten the believer. But is it really that scary? Let's find out!

Where to find the lost object?

It is logical that, having lost any item, it is worth trying to find it. First, remember when was the last time you saw or felt your cross on your body, when you noticed the loss. The chain could have been torn during the dressing, so first examine and feel the clothes that we walked during the day and which we shot. Probably, the decoration was lost during sleep, and therefore it is worth paying attention to the bed and bed linen.

Crosses can get lost during active physical exertion, so if you go to the gym or work out at home, try exploring the training sites. Loss during bathing is not uncommon, so you should look around the sinks and baths. But the decoration could fall and immediately go unnoticed in the sink, so it is advisable to inspect these parts of the sanitary ware.

What if there is no missing?

What to do if a pectoral cross was lost and was not found? First of all, do not get upset and wind yourself up: nothing terrible has happened, no one is insured against losses. Try to contact your guardian angel with the prayer "Our Father." Perhaps in the near future the item will be returned to you.

If the cross is not found, just start wearing a new one: either buy it in the church shop (here already sold ornaments and objects are sold), or buy it in a jeweler's place and bring it to the church for the obligatory procedure of consecration.

If you associate the loss with some bad deed, then ask forgiveness for your sins by coming to the temple and putting candles in front of the icons of the saints and the Savior. It is also advisable to take communion and confess, having sustained at least a three-day fast before such procedures. And it will also be useful to ask for forgiveness to those whom you have offended. No good deeds.

What do the clergy think about this loss?

The pectoral cross is not considered any talisman, in Orthodoxy it symbolizes faith, readiness for any trials, humility, acceptance of the destiny prepared by the Lord.Therefore, the loss of such an object, despite the fact that it is sacred, does not bear any hidden meaning, does not signify God's punishment or a hint of unjust life. And if the cross is lost in the child, then it is even more important to drive bad thoughts, because children are pure sinless souls.

The loss of the cross is not considered a sin, because it happened not because of your fault, but was accidental. It is worse if there is an object, but the believer does not carry it, although there are different opinions on this matter. Modern ministers of the church emphasize that the main thing is faith, and its attributes are secondary. Yet baptized Christians should wear body crosses as a sign of respect for the Lord and faith in salvation.

What can mean?

People who believe in national signs, consider the loss of a dagger a bad sign. But in fact, this is not always the case.

A few take on the loss of the cross:

  1. It is believed that a person who has lost such an object can no longer bear his cross and accept fate. This means that we will soon have a difficult choice, and we will have to make a decision. God provides the opportunity to change, start life from scratch.
  2. Loss can mean that a person has gone astray, difficulties and troubles can await him.
  3. If the cross disappeared in an adult, the subject may have exhausted its sacred possibilities.It has long been believed that its main function is protection from all bad. Probably, a person has a lot of bad things in life, and now he is waiting for the bright streak.
  4. Many believe that the cross, like any other wearable jewelry, accumulates the owner's energy. Loss can say that the subject has drawn a lot of negativity. Sinners should think about their actions. But also the loss can signify purification, deliverance from bad habits, dirty thoughts.
  5. For a long time, believers were convinced that the cross - it was a guardian, so his loss promised danger. According to this belief, it's worthwhile to be more careful to protect yourself.
  6. According to this note, the loss signified the fulfillment of duty, the forgiveness of sins. In this case, it was necessary to put on a new cross and continue to change for the better, to do good things.

Interesting fact! Some signs are connected with the psychology of people. They regard the pectoral cross as a kind of protection against all bad things, and therefore they are confident that the loss does not bode well. And sometimes expectations come true, since all thoughts are material, including bad ones. In other words,the person himself attracts negative or links everyday situations and confusions with loss. But if you change the mood, soon everything will return to normal.

The loss of a cross is unpleasant, but not terrible. Therefore, follow the advice given in the article and do not be afraid of anything.

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