What if the phone fell into the water?

Phone and water are not compatible things, but, unfortunately, you can reliably protect your phone from harm only if you don’t use it at all. We always carry a mobile phone with us so that at any time you can answer the call or call yourself. What to do if the phone fell into the water? After all, you can accidentally drop it in a puddle, and in the sink, or even forget it in the washing machine.

The phone fell into the water: action

  1. As soon as possible you need to get the phone out of the water. The longer he spends in the water, the less likely he is to restore it and vice versa, the sooner you get it, the less damage he will receive. So, if you drop the phone in a puddle for a split second, there is a very good chance to save it, but if it was in the washing machine drum for almost an hour, then it’s better to say goodbye to it.
  2. Turn off the phone - if it does not turn off when it falls or was working while you dropped it, turn it off immediately. If the phone works when you get it out of the water, this is not a good sign, and the extent of damage can be assessed only after a certain time.
  3. Disconnect the battery and disassemble it if possible. The battery must be disconnected immediately, otherwise a short circuit may occur, and the thin wires and microcircuits of the phone do not need much to damage them. Therefore, the power source should be immediately removed, at the same time and the battery may save.
  4. Remove the SIM card. If you store phone numbers on the card, and not in the phone's memory, removing the SIM card will help to keep them. The longer the SIM card will be in the water and remain wet, the greater the risk of damaging it.
  5. Do not try to turn it on until it is completely dry - make sure that the phone works you can not immediately, and any attempt to turn it on while it is still wet can only harm. Dry it will be no less than a day, but better not touch it a week, it will be much safer. So leave him alone and do not disturb.
  6. What to do if the phone fell into the water? There are so-called people's councils. You can secure your phone by immersing it in alcohol (according to unverified data in vodka) immediately after contact with water. As you know, alcohol is harmless even for microcircuits and thin compounds, moreover, it absorbs water.So, immerse the phone in alcohol, it will pull the water out of the phone, leaving the details intact. Naturally, first disconnect the battery.
  7. Unassembled phone with a disconnected battery can be dried in a container with rice, rice absorbs moisture and can help to dry the phone faster, if you have silica gel at hand, it can also help. It is important that the phone dries out from the inside, and the hair dryer or dryer does not help with this, since only the external parts are dried, not penetrating inside. Leave your phone in a jar of rice for several days, only then you can connect the battery and try to turn it on.
  8. If you can independently disassemble the phone and then properly assemble it back, have done it more than once, and are confident in your skills, then you can clean the phone after you have taken it out of the water. Wipe the parts with alcohol or at least a dry cloth, perhaps you have a solution that will help avoid corrosion. Lay out the parts on napkins and leave alone until completely dry, or dry them with a hair dryer. In the case of a disassembled phone, a hairdryer can help, as it dries the parts directly, quick drying with hot air will shorten the time of contact of parts with water. When the parts are dry, assemble the phone and check if it works.
  9. What else to do if the phone fell into the water? Take it to the repair shop — ideally, after drying, for example in a jar of rice or a week of rest. This is a mandatory item for owners of phones with a non-removable battery. Take it to a service center as soon as possible. Repair can help even if the phone does not turn on after the measures you take, there you can be replaced with damaged parts or a battery. Paying money for repairs, you may not lose the data in your phone - numbers, photos, messages. For someone it is much more valuable than any amount.

If nothing happened

What to do if the phone fell into the water and could not be saved. All goes to good!

  • Now you have a toy non-working phone for a child who is at the same time “like a real one” and does not make any sounds, which infinitely pleases you and the child.
  • You can change the phone to the one that you have long wanted, because there is a reason.
  • You can arrange a competition - who will throw the broken phone farthest.
  • Arrange a phone funeral, come up with a memorable speech. At the same time have fun friends.
  • You can nail it to the wall, it will look very impressive.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to buy a new phone right now, ask your friends, there will definitely be someone who changes phone models not because they are out of order, but simply because. that they are outdated or out of fashion. Practice shows that old models are often much more reliable than modern ones.