What to do if you hacked "Vkontakte"?

If you are told that you were online, although you were not there, your friends receive messages from you, photos and links that you didn’t send, messages that you didn’t have time to read, have already been read, then the page has been hacked. The attackers found out your password and now freely come to your page. Hacked VKontakte page, what to do?

Options for action

You were in contact for a few minutes and left, and they tell you that you were online.

Check it out for sure. Phone your friends, log in and log out in a couple of minutes. Let them tell you how long after that you have been online. I note that if you exit without pressing the "Exit" button, then you will "hang" online for another fifteen minutes.

If after fifteen minutes you are still there, then the hooligans broke the VKontakte password. What to do? Urgently go to the network and change the password to a new one.

Your friends and acquaintances say that they receive messages and other information from you that you did not send.This certainly suggests that your account vkontakte hacked. What to do? Change the password urgently, let your friends and acquaintances mark these messages as “spam”, be sure to update the antivirus on your computer.

You began to notice that the messages that you did not have time to read, are already marked as read. Read messages are not highlighted in the history of correspondence. If they are read, they will not be in the numbering of messages. This sign also says that your page in contact was hacked. What to do in this situation? Start by changing your password and change it more often, for example, once a week. And do not write on the network anything very personal and important. Moreover, do not give anyone any advice on their professional activities, do not discuss the head.

The users with whom you spoke, notice that you have become a different behavior on the network. Leave comments to photos that you would never have written before, send a video that does not match your style and lifestyle. In general, doing such things that no one expects from you. This is a sure sign of hacking. For you, all this makes someone else.

If you are hacked, most likely you will not be able to access your page. In this case, you can recover the password. Also, immediately change the email address and password to which the page is linked and the page password in the contact. The harder the password, the harder it is to crack. It is advisable to check your computer for viruses using any antivirus program.

The VKontakte page was hacked, what to do when you cannot even enter it, because someone not only took possession of your password, but also changed it and now creates everything you want with your page? Rather, run to a friend, contact his account and click on the “Help” section, which is located in the upper right corner of the site. You will see a special line in which you will need to briefly describe your problem. In your case, you can write "hacked page". Enter these words in the line, the system itself will give the most appropriate recommendations for your request. Carefully read them and follow the instructions.

These are the options for action in case of hacking the VKontakte page. To protect yourself from unnecessary but possible problems, change your password often.The password must be complex and short. When creating a new password, use numbers, letters and signs at the same time. Also watch your antivirus program, it should be strong and as up-to-date as possible.