What to do mom birthday with their hands?

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What to do mom birthday with their hands?

Many people mistakenly think that only purchased gifts can bring joy, but for mom the best gift is a self-made surprise. The article describes various options for what you can do to your mother with your own hands.


Postcard - the original attribute of any gift. You can make a paper card with your own hands, or you can create an original video greeting.

Paper card

Paper postcard is very easy to make. To do this, select the appropriateCarda sheet of cardboard, draw a picture on it or decorate with flowers or beautiful figures. In the middle you can paste a photo and write a greeting in a free style.

Congratulatory poster

A poster decorated with photos, wishes and words of gratitude may also act as a kind of postcard. It can be hung on the wall, and all guests can appreciate your work.

Video postcard

If you want to surprise your mother with an unusual gift, make a beautiful video from your shared photos, add greeting words, words of thanks and poems. You can make a video card using Movavi or Windows Movie Maker.


If you want to wish Mom a happy birthday, you can make flowers with your own hands.

Paper Flowers - Origami

Unlike living, paper flowers will be pleasing to the eye for a long time. Such flowersFlowerstypes can be made from paper of different density. You can make chamomiles or roses from thinner paper, and lilies from more dense paper.

Pictures of flowers

Flowers for paintings can also be made from paper, or you can take dried flowers and create a picture that should be simply hung on the wall or beautifully decorated with a frame.

Candy Flowers

Not so long ago, people began to replace ordinary flowers with bouquets of various candies. The technology of creating such flowers is similar to making flowers from paper, only candy is hidden in the middle of the bud, and instead of leaves, they also use candies of a suitable color. After all the sweets have been eaten, the paper flowers will remind you of the original gift.


Bead Tree


If you have the skills to work with beads, you can make the original tree. If you have time, you can make a big tree in flowers.

A coffee tree

Making a coffee tree with your own hands is not very difficult. To do this, pick up a small plastic ball, put it on a stick wrapped with string. Then you should glue the ball with coffee beans.



A photo embroidered on fabric or just a beautiful pattern is a good gift that your mother will remember for a long time. Moreover, it can be issued in the form of a picture.

Drawings can be embroidered not only with special threads, but also by adding beads and various beads.

To prepare a gift must be approached responsibly.