What to give to the christening?

November 9, 2012
What to give to the christening?

You can be baptized at any age, but many parents try to hold this rite as early as possible. As a baby, they carry their child to reunite him with the Lord. It is advisable that parents choose a godfather and godmother for their child. This is an amazing and mysterious rite, to which, as a rule, only the closest relatives are invited. And then the guests often think about what to give the child for christening, which gift will be the most suitable? And is it necessary for the gift to be something special, symbolizing the rite of baptism? About this and talk.

What to give to the christening: gifts for the child

The most responsible should be the choice for godparents. As a rule, they should give a cross. By the way, what it will be is not so important - gold, silver, copper, wood. In this case, look at the finances and on their own capabilities. Here the main thing is the symbol itself. The sacred power will not depend on the material of the cross, and you can always give a new one,when will be able to buy one that you would like. Godparents can put money and give a cross together. The main thing is that the cross should be consecrated.

What to give a christening boy or girl? In general, you can give everything that is useful to the baby (see by age): clothes, toys, highchair, cot.

Gifts made with own hands will be very good for christening. If you decide what to present to the christening of a girl, then a sewn shirt for a baby or a simple dress, a cap or a bootie may be ideal. Experienced needlewomen can be advised to embroider symbols (cross) on things, or maybe it will be a blanket with embroidered prayer or a small pillow decorated with embroidery.

You can also give symbolic gifts for christening: nominal icons, images, a children's Bible.

And men can make a gift with their own hands. This handmade wooden rattle for a baby is a wonderful gift for christening. Just remember that she should be safe for the baby.

You can give to the christening a set of fragrant candles with candlesticks or a beautiful nightlight for the kid in the room.

By the way, if you wish to donate something symbolic, then you can find a lot in the icon shops or in the temples themselves. Souvenir images of angels, beautiful candlesticks for church candles, books, chains (everything is consecrated, but it is better to ask again).

Some donate a silver spoon to a child. In general, it is customary to give it to the first tooth (and very close relatives give it, usually Dad should do it), but it happens that they also give it to the christening.

In general, a child is given a christening gift that may come in handy, that is, souvenirs are of course not needed for the baby.

There are many options, so you can give anything for christening, anything, the choice is yours. Let the gift be from the heart!