What to make of seashells?

Crafts from seashells is a creative process that is simple and fascinating, containing such an aspect as a variety of forms. The shell is a hard, natural material that you can easily get by yourself. Crafts from shells do-it-yourself are a creative expression, and they are happy to be performed by both adults and children. Let's analyze several types of popular and simple handicrafts that can be easily performed with a minimum of necessary materials.


If you are resting on the sea, be sure to remember to collect a collection of seashells, and on arrival home collect a sailboat - which will remind you of summer holidays. For this you will need:

  • for the stand - one big cockleshell;
  • for sails - 10-15 small seashells;
  • for the bowsprit and match - 4 skewers or wooden sticks;
  • for rigging - thread;
  • for yards - 6 matches;
  • for the body - one rapan of medium size;
  • scissors and super glue.

First of all, we measure the length of the mast, and from the wooden sticks we make the necessary lengths.The tops should be sharpened with a knife and glued to the ready masts of the sail - shells. With the bottom glue larger, with a smaller top.

Next, glue from sharpened matches transverse yards to the masts and tie them with thread at the joints. Now we install ready masts on plasticine balls in the case of Rapana and strengthen them with glue. We are waiting for the glue to dry, and for stability we glue the lower yards to the sailboat hull.

Front glue sharpened bowsprit. Next are glued front sail - staysail and jib, and mizzen - rear sailboat, located at the stern.

When everything is dry, you should tighten the thread between the rows of each mast, as well as between the bowsprit and the upper yoke on the front mast. To hold the thread tight, you need to fix them with a drop of glue. From the colorful shells, for beauty, you can also make a box.

All our sailboat is ready!

Exotic tree

Let's take a look at what to make from mollusk shells to keep the memory, and get a beautiful souvenir. To do the crafts you need wood: small seashells, wire, glue gun and acrylic paints.

  • In order to make it beautiful, you will need to process shells, namely, to get rid of the remains of mollusks from the inside.To do this, put the shells in boiling water for 5 minutes, after which they will be easily removed with tweezers.
  • Next, polish the edges of the shells with a file so that they are even and smooth.
  • We take the wire and weave it in the form of a tree.
  • Now we take the shell, pour a little glue into it and thread it on all the ends of the wire.
  • The next final stage is the painting of the shells with acrylic paint.


This is an original and very simple handicraft of flowers that will never fade and will constantly decorate your room. For the manufacture of three flowers you need:

  • for petals - 15 small shells (5 for each flower);
  • for the middle of the flower - colored clay;
  • for the stem - 3 straight sticks, long skewers or twigs.

First, 3 balls of plasticine are made. Next, in each ball stuck 5 cooked shells. To hold them tight, they must be pressed. Now we receive the received florets on a stalk - skewer. All our crafts are ready!


Returning from the rest, many carry with them collected shells. What can be made of shells if you have already accumulated a lot of such exhibits in your home? This original hand-made article was created especially for you.

For this craft you will need: A sheet of cardboard, organic glass, about 100 shells, super-glue, varnish and frame. Let's look at the implementation of this work in stages:

  • Carefully wash the shells. If plaque has formed, we remove it with a toothbrush of 10% hydrochloric acid moistened with a solution.
  • Next, sort the seashells by color and size.
  • You need to choose or draw the composition that you want to put out of the shells.
  • Take a sheet of cardboard and lay out the selected picture.
  • Next, on the organic glass we transfer the finished drawing one by one, only fix each shell to glue.
  • Give the craft to dry, and cover with several layers of varnish.
  • The finished work is inserted into the frame.

The seashell is a female symbol of kindness associated with the moon, renewal and prosperity. In China, the shell is considered a symbol of good luck. Now you can make your own crafts from shells, photos of other various models you can find on the Internet.