What to take on a hike?

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What to take on a hike?

Many novice tourists are concerned about the question of what to take on a hike. It is important to study it thoroughly, then your outdoor activities will be perfect. A list of things that must be taken on a hike, is presented to your attention later.

Tent, backpack and sleeping bag

When going hiking, you must take a tent with you. It will not only protect you from the weather, but also protect you from moisture coming from the earth, as well as mosquitoes and beetles, which always flock to sleeping people.

Sleeping bag is also a must-have when camping, it will allow you to relax in nature with maximum comfort, without worrying about the fact that you can get sick. In this case, choose sleeping bags depending on the time of year, because in a product designed for winter, it will be impossible to sleep in a warm time, as it becomes a compact sauna, and in cold weather a summer sleeping bag will not save you from freezing.

Backpack is another important thing. It is in it that you will be able to fit all the items that you will need during the hike, so it should be as spacious and comfortable to wear.

Food Accessories

In a campaign you cannot do without a pot, spoons, mugs, openers, a knife and a fork, because with them you can cook food and eat it. Particular attention should be paid to the pot. It should be cleaned quickly, be of medium size, easy to hang over the fire and have a handle that does not heat up under the influence of fire.

Ax or saw

To cook a meal on a hike, make a fire in the evening and warm yourself near it, you will need to prepare firewood, and in this case you cannot do without a saw or an ax, otherwise you risk spending half the day on such a thing.

Mosquito Net and First Aid Kit

By the evening, the number of mosquitoes and mosquitoes increases many times, to protect your face from the bites of these insects will help you mosquito net. It will be your salvation during the hike in the same way as the first-aid kit, since anything can happen during an active holiday. Therefore, its formation approach especially responsibly. It must necessarily contain the following:

  • patches;Hike
  • cotton wool;
  • bandages;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • Zelenka;
  • iodine;
  • potassium permanganate;
  • antihistamines;
  • pain medication;
  • tablets for digestion;
  • Activated carbon;
  • flu bags.

You can also put other drugs, if you have any diseases that may worsen during active recreation.

Personal hygiene items

In the campaign is very important to maintain personal hygiene, so it is important to bring toothpaste, soap, brush. Wet and antibacterial wipes will be useful in the campaign. They will help you to cool off on a hot day and after a long climb up the mountain. In addition, you will need to stock up on several rolls.Hiketoilet paper and a pair of packs of regular wipes.

Packages, matches and flashlight

Every tourist must clean up after themselves after outdoor recreation. So, you need to have on hand plastic bags in which you can collect wrappers, cans and leftover food to bring it all to the landfill.

In the campaign you also need a flashlight. It is better to take several at once, since it is possible that one of them will fail during operation. Another place in the backpack 5-6 boxes of matches and 1-2 lighters.

Food and clothing

As for food, here it is necessary to be guided by your taste preferences. Of course, it is worth taking those products from which you can quickly cook food.Canned food and convenience foods are excellent, and for snacks, take fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Be sure to take care of suitable clothing for the trip. She mustHikematch the time of year. It should be remembered that at night the temperature in the woods is very low, so even if you decide to relax in the summer, you should take a warm jacket and pants with you.

You can also take other things with you on your trip, they will already act as a supplement to the objects of the first importance. In this case, it is best to make a list of the things that you take with you before you start fees, then you will not forget anything.