What to take on kebabs?

Summer time - this is the best time for family outings into nature. Picnic is an excellent solution for celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary and other celebrations. Kebabs - the main component of this event. However, one should not forget that besides kebabs there is a huge amount of nuances that must be taken into account when going out into the countryside. So, let's consider what to take on the kebabs in the first place.

Form a food basket

First we need to decide what we will carry meat to a picnic. You can, of course, buy ready-made pickled kebabs, which are sold in a container. But do not trust the quality of the modern supermarket, it is best to cook the meat yourself. To do this, place the finished product in a three-liter jar, the lid of which is hermetically closed, or in a special thermo sweat. It is quite expensive, but much more reliable than the usual glass jars.


The next thing we need to take is a side dish of kebabs. Here we need to carefully take care of the availability of vegetables in the meadow.It is advisable to bring greens, peppers and tomatoes, which should be washed in advance and prepared for use. They should be transported in dry paper bags that allow air to pass through. Vegetables are washed and dried before transporting. If the question arises, how many vegetables to take with you, it is best to calculate a rate of 800-1000 grams per person.


Now we need to decide which sauce for barbecue is best to take with you. You can buy in the supermarket ketchup or mustard in a soft package. This is an ideal option, as in this case, you will spend it, and you do not have to take home the leftovers.


The next thing we'll talk about is snaps. On the nature you can take wine in packages that have a special tap on the side. They are great for a picnic. Mineral oil is also desirable to buy in plastic packaging. In addition to drinking water, do not forget to bring a few liters of technical to wash your hands.

Useful stuff

Very often at home such an indispensable attribute as napkins and towels is forgotten. Do not forget about personal hygiene, especially in nature.You also need to bring with you such trifles as salt, matches and pepper. If children are traveling with you, then it is advisable for them to take something already prepared and tasty in advance. To avoid direct sunlight, bring kerchiefs and a parasol, as well as a cream for protection from the active day sun. In addition, just in case, it is advisable to take with you a first-aid kit with all necessary medicines and disinfectant materials.

By bringing all these little things together, you get a real set for barbecue, which is not scary to meet any holiday. Your stay in nature will be comfortable enough, and you will enjoy not only pleasant food, but also the holiday as a whole, and you will be considered an excellent hostess.