What to wear a dress?

Dresses are evening and summer, strict and open, with a high collar and a deep neckline, with a long train and a mini. What to wear a dress? There are no universal rules, but we can suggest that you take note of the tips below.

Wear the dress correctly: tips

  • Wear tights under the dress, not stockings. Tights have a soothing effect. They will give your silhouette a more harmonious and smooth shape. In addition, under the tights will not shine through panties.
  • Never wear a dress with shoes, even with the most neat and elegant. It will still look ridiculous. The dress is a dress, it requires shoes, preferably with heels. Also it can be beautiful sandals or boots with heels.
  • Carefully pick a bra under the dress. It should not shine, and the straps should be invisible. Wear plain light bras without laces and patterns, with a smooth cup and with transparent straps or without them.
  • A dress with a deep neckline, open shoulders or thin straps will complement the airy flying scarf or tippet to match the dress. It can also be the color of shoes and handbags.
  • Do not wear a dress, even summer and short, with leggings, unless, of course, you are not fifteen years old.
  • You can wear a cute bolero or small cloak over the dress. A bolero can be a tone darker or lighter than a dress, and can harmonize in color with shoes. Do not wear large sweaters, so as not to look rough, follow the overall harmony and accuracy of the image.

Now let's talk about the colors of the dress.

What to wear white dress

White color incorporates all other colors of the spectrum. Consequently, any color will be in harmony with white. But remember: in your outfit should not be more than three colors. The most successful options:

  • a white dress, black shoes, a black handbag, a golden belt and a golden silk scarf;
  • white dress, pink bag and shoes, crimson belt and beads;
  • white dress, blue shoes, blue stole and turquoise jewelry.

What to wear black dress

Black dress was and remains a classic. However, to make it look not too gloomy and boring, you can decorate it with bright accessories, for example:

  • black dress, red shoes and bag, gold jewelry and belt;
  • black dress, thin snow-white bolero and white shoes;
  • a black dress, a flowing silver scarf and shiny silver shoes.

What to wear with a blue dress

Blue is a classic and austere color. White, blue, crimson, pink and cream are perfectly combined with it. If you want to be brighter, try adding it to orange. We offer the following options:

  • blue dress, wide white belt, white shoes, silver jewelry;
  • blue dress, crimson belt and stole, white shoes and bag, white jewelry;
  • blue dress, soft cream shoes and a handbag, gold jewelry.

With a blue dress it is enough to wear only one additional color, although you can, of course, two.

Combine various accessories and dresses, experiment with colors, do not forget about the sense of proportion, and you will find your elegant and special style!