What to wear for February 14? 7 sexy things

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

This year on February 14 falls on Wednesday, right in the middle of the working week. If you have a partner, you will have to try to persuade him to get out for a late dinner, and if not, you will have to persuade yourself to “hunt” on dating sites in advance and book yourself some nice stranger for Valentine's Day. Goodbye. From you - a spicy script for February 14, with us - a seductive “uniform” for Valentine's Day, which this time did not include dresses. But there are red color, deep neckline, mini, lacing and black leather!

Open back jumpsuit

It is high time in fashion to patent such a phenomenon as a double neckline - this is when an outfit opens both the chest and the back at the same time. Looking for such a “heavy artillery” for Valentine's Day? Then take a closer look not only to dresses, but also to overalls.

Open Back AQ / AQ Jumpsuit

Overalls AQ / AQ with an open back (8 430 rub.)

Off Shoulder Top

Naked shoulders and long sleeves are an absolutely ingenious combination, since such a top can be easily “hidden” under a jacket and put on work in the morning. But February 14 is on Wednesday, so this is an important option!

Top with open shoulders Uterque

Uterque Off Shoulder Top (7,990 Rub.)

Vest with ruffles

This thing is somewhere between the categories of dresses and outerwear and changes the role depending on how you wear it. If we are talking about such a romantic occasion as Valentine's Day, then we would suggest wearing this vest as a dress over a black lace bodysuit.

Zara vest with ruffles

Zara vest with ruffles (4 999 rub.)

Double breasted jacket

An extended jacket of this kind can act as a dress (but for the winter, perhaps, too extreme), and as part of a pantsuit, and as a top with jeans and jackboots - all three options look more than seductive and are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Mango Double Breasted Blazer

Mango Double Breasted Blazer (6,499 rubles)

Top on buttons

The whole secret lies in the buttons: the more you unzip, the less this top will look like “decent” and quite basic clothing. And choose such a model, which will be exactly knitted, so that the fabric clearly sits on the figure.

Top Topshop on buttons

Button Topshop Top ($ 88 at discount)

Leather shorts

A good fit needs to be learned to determine unmistakably: shorts should have a slightly high waist and not fit hips, but rather have a bud shape.

Raquel Allegra Leather Shorts

Leather shorts Raquel Allegra (13 050 rub. On a discount)

Tie Body

In bodysuit, you generally feel like a superhero, even if you put it on with the most ordinary jeans and shirt. "Charged on love adventures" - this is exactly about the body, and including, perhaps, about Valentine's Day.