What do we love?

Many words are written about love. That's just often we do not know what we love. In most cases, the person simply does not have the answer. Let's try to open the veil of a beautiful mystery, which is called love.

Why does a person love another person?

Love comes into a person's life suddenly. For some, it becomes a real obsession, to explain the nature of which is not possible. However, there are several reasons why a person loves another person.


Often a person has romantic feelings because of affection for his partner. Perhaps in the past something important connected them. As a result, he is ready to be with his beloved all his life, because these memories warm the soul, and it seems to him: do not be near this person, life will become faded and uninteresting.


Often love is born out of gratitude. The person is simply grateful to his chosen one or the chosen one for the fact that he helped when the others turned away, or was there at the time of despair. This is not forgotten, and as a result, people live together for life.As a rule, they have an equal relationship, built on trust. In most cases there is no passion in them, but this does not prevent partners from being happy. Perhaps someone will find passion on the side, but will always save the family, because gratitude in their lives means much more than everything else.


Some people choose a life partner only because they are comfortable with him and are satisfied with everything. Relations in this case are very strong, because each of the partners knows what to expect from the other. Perhaps in the eyes of others it is more like a deal, but, meanwhile, partners are satisfied with everything, and they are not going to change something in their life.

Spiritual qualities

Quite often, a person loves his partner for spiritual qualities. Such relationships will last a long time, since they will be fueled by mutual respect and care. Indeed, in this union, the partners found in each other what they would like to become. They are very pleased to be in each other's company, so the relationship will only grow stronger from day to day.


When love passes, a relationship appears in a relationship. It is her people who are often confused with love.People do not disagree simply because they are satisfied with everything, and I don’t really want to change the usual way of things. After all, it will be necessary to start building something anew, but it takes time, and it is often simply sorely lacking. However, the relationship between partners is trustful, scandals are extremely rare.

Sense of security

In some cases, a person loves a partner because he sees protection in him. As a rule, such people often do not value themselves and are looking for those who would complement them. If a partner leaves them, they become depressed, from which it is difficult for them to get out. In most cases, the person who seeks protection in his partner is dependent on him, therefore he fulfills all his requests and tries to please his beloved in everything.


People often love because they like the appearance of a person. It is pleasant for such a lover to be close to the subject of passion. Often he is indifferent to the spiritual qualities of a partner, because his beauty makes you forget about other equally important things. Of course, the charm may not last long, but after all, a person at the moment just wants to be next to his chosen one.Perhaps later, common sense will prevail, but now it is captured by emotions, from which he feels happy, and that’s exactly what every person wants.

Fear of loneliness

Some people are very afraid of loneliness, but in the end try to fall in love at least with someone, just not to be alone. In this case, neither external data, nor material benefits are important, the main thing is to be with someone. Perhaps these relationships are an illusion, but for a person it is a whole life.

We love just like that

Most often, a person cannot explain why he loves his partner. He just likes everything about him, he does not notice the flaws. This can be called true love, which can forgive a lot and does not require anything in return. It is about this feeling that most people dream, because it really inspires, and during this period, people experience an emotional uplift. They are all “on the shoulder”, and the impossible turns out to be possible.

A man in love will do everything for his beloved to be happy, even without him. For him, only the happiness of a partner is important, and he thinks about himself last. Probably, every person would like to hear as an answer to the question “Why do you love me?” - “Just like that, just because you are.” But alas, not every person is honored.