What weight should a person have?

"We live in a society, we play a society." From birth, a person finds himself in a difficult environment with its own laws and rules. When a little girl is presented with a Barbie doll and is told that this is the ideal for a girl, most parents do not think that they are zombies of their child.

Modern media impose a certain image of an ideal figure, forcing the majority of women to strive for this dubious conformity. Is it necessary? What weight should be at what height? Is excessive thinness normal and how can such a loss of weight affect a woman's health?

First of all, "going on a diet" you need to think about the medical aspect of this decision. There are certain medical standards for matching height and weight.

For different types of figures, these figures vary.

Initially, it is necessary to determine what type you are, and starting from this, calculate the ideal weight for your figure. With the thumb and forefinger of one hand, grip the wrist of the other.If your fingers are not just closed, and you can close them freely overlap - it means that you have a fine boning or asthenic physique.

This is the physique, which we are told on TV and we see it on the covers of magazines. For women of this type is characterized by thin bone, long legs and underdeveloped muscles, tall and light weight. In this case, "Barbie" is not necessarily to go on some kind of diet, even with a high-calorie diet, the weight of such women can increase very slightly, because energy costs burn all stored calories.

If your index finger and thumb are closed, as they say, butt - then you have a normal or normostenichesky physique and you are very lucky, because you can easily manage your weight and have the right body proportions. In order to recover - just enough to increase nutrition, and to lose weight - a little exercise.

The picture is slightly complicated if the fingers could not close. This means that you have a wide-boned or hypersthenic physique and you have to work harder to achieve the perfect figure more than astenik and normostenikam.You are characterized by: a wide bone, broad shoulders and chest. You have to go in for sports more and limit yourself in nutrition, achieving and maintaining the ideal weight is given with great effort.

So, having determined the body type, you can begin to calculate the ideal weight for your figure.

Perfect settings

For men and women, the normal weight index is not the same. For women: 18-24, and for men: 19-25. If the index of your body is less than the specified indicators, then you have a deficiency or a weight deficit, an index exceeding the indices, speaks about excess weight or obesity.

Let us turn to the calculation. The most uncomplicated way to take away from the size of growth for a normal build is 110, for asthenics -115 (or minus 10%), for a large-bone build - 100 (or plus 10%). The method is reliable only for women with growth of more than 170cm.

We give a calculation for the growth of 177 cm.

Normal figure: 177 - 110 = 67

Fine-boned physique: 177 - 115 = 62 or 67 - 6.7 = 60.3

Broad bone build: 177 - 100 = 77 or 67 + 6.7 = 73.7

To obtain a weight index, we divide our own weight in kilograms by the square of our height in meters.

Here are the calculations for height 177 cm and weight 55 kg.

55/(1.77*1.77) = 17.56

The weight index turned out to be below 18, which allows you to gain some weight.

Another way is rather related to the average density of the human body. At 152.4cm human height should be 45kg weight. For every subsequent 2.45cm, 0.9 kg is added and we add 10% of weight to the final result. Such complex calculations are related to the fact that the original formula corresponded to other units of measurement of weight and growth.

We will carry out the calculation for the growth of 167 cm.

167 = 152.4 + 14.6, then 14.6 / 2.45 = 5.96 (approximately 6). Then 6 * 0.9 = 5.4 after which 45kg + 5.4kg = 50.4kg and take 10% of 50kg is equal to 5.

As a result, we get that for growth, the ideal weight is 55.4 kg.

The easiest way to perform calculations for a normal physique. With this ratio of parameters for women, waist size is equal to a height of minus 100.

Each person is unique and the weight for each of us is just as individual as the person. A healthy person is always beautiful, you should not lose your health in pursuit of Barbie.

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