What words do men like?

�Woman loves with ears� is a well-known fact. And man loves ears! Without exception, men are waiting for praise in their address for any little thing they do for their lover or their family. Men generally do not live for themselves - they with their inherent stubbornness and responsibility fulfill the desires, dreams and small vagaries of their loved ones. Such is man's nature.

How to praise a man

Warm words to a man, spoken by people whose opinion is significant to him, can inspire him and return to others in the 100-fold amount in the form of fulfilled requests, desires or even dreams. Words that men like in ordinary life situations are not much different from words addressed to women. The main thing in praise of a man is a clear trace of gratitude in relation to him. For example, the phrase spoken by a companion at a certain moment: �I feel like behind a stone wall� will not pass by the ears of the address. Or such words: �You make me happy,� can raise the self-esteem of a man to heaven.And high men's self-esteem in our time is a tool, raising not only mood, but also well-being. After all, only a confident man is able to reach the heights of life.

What words like a man in a close relationship

Beautiful words about love to a man can inflame passion in him if he is able to feel the music of words. But, unfortunately, not all men are given the ability to hear with their hearts. Male psychology is designed so that they can not understand what the woman says to them. �Female logic� by its nature implies �walking around the bush�, possibly due to natural shyness or embarrassment. Endless feminine hints in conversation, diluted with understatement and alluvial geminess, annoy men, making it impossible to listen to what his friend is trying to convey to the man.

Therefore, in close communication with a man, it is necessary to use �brutal� words that can emphasize the courage of your chosen one and his significance in your life. The use of words such as "strong", "big" and "smart" will appeal to any man, even a little boy.Words - the only, unique, unsurpassed, beautiful, desired, long-awaited, dear, dear - also will not remain unheard by your man.

Gentle words for men

What kind words like men? It depends on the nature of your chosen one. And here we must remember: the more brutal a man looks like, the more diminutive should be the words addressed to him. For example, an athlete with a pumped-up mountain of muscles would like to hear a �kitten� in his address, and a �nerd� with glasses would like �Heracles� more. In an intimate setting, men like it when a woman calls the male sexual organ �member�, but never like his definition of �childish� words. The word "nature" will give some poetic action in bed. And such a comparison: �Magnificent as Apollo,� will instantly reflect on your partner's passion.

The secret of words addressed to a man

If you want your man to listen to you carefully and catch every word of yours, then always in your address to your chosen one use the short word �mine� or such phrase �I have�. For example, �You are beautiful with me, like a god� or �My Apollo!� Believe me,such words addressed to a man do not pass without a trace - he will really be yours as long as you yourself remind him of this.