When to start to teach the child to the pot

The bladder of the child is fully developed by three years. By this time, children can fully physiologically control the process of urination during periods of wakefulness. However, it is not necessary to wait until the child is three years old to begin introducing him to the pot.

When should we start? No need to rush. Let your child learn to sit and walk so that he can walk to his toilet and use it calmly. It is also advisable to wait for the age when the child will understand your speech. Then you can explain in detail to the child how and when to use the pot. Usually these skills children acquire by one and a half years.

Show your child a pot, for a few days you can sit on him toys, pronounce what they do there. Then try to drop the baby. Usually the child goes to the toilet after sleep and after 20 minutes after eating. If the baby managed to pee, rejoice with him.Tell me that he already does a lot as big. When the child understands why you need a pot, you can refuse to wear the diaper at home while the child is awake.

If the child does not want to get used to the pot: screams, refuses to sit and use it for its intended purpose - do not insist. For a while, leave it at that. After a couple of months, you can try again to offer the child a pot. Without a doubt, your baby will soon learn to go to the toilet by itself.