Where better to relax in the Crimea?

Soon the velvet season, and you have not yet rested and have not had time to plan your vacation. Go to the Crimea! This is a great place with interesting culture and unique nature. And if you are wondering where it is better to rest in the Crimea, then first decide what you expect from this holiday. It all depends on who you are going to go with and what kind of vacation you prefer.

Many people are not attracted to rest in exotic countries or on islands. Today, most Russians choose Crimea. I am sure that you will return there if you choose the right place.

Sanatoria of Crimea

Popular among Russian tourists sanatoriums of Crimea.

You can rest easy if you spend your vacation in a sanatorium in Crimea. You will find excellent service and fresh sea air in the sanatoriums of Yalta, Alupka, Foros and Simeiz. If your vacation fell in the middle of July, then choose the southern coast of Crimea, for example, the city of Foros. At this time, the sea is already well warmed. Such a pastime will suit you, if you went on a vacation without children, because there are few sandy beaches on the southern coast, and the descent to the sea is quite long.I have no doubt that you will remember your vacation in one of the resorts of Crimea for a long time. I recommend in advance to book trips. Cheaper sanatoriums, which are located in the coastal villages. Let it not embarrass you, because here too there are a lot of advantages, and the sea is much cleaner.


If you want to have fun with friends, and beach discos are not at all to your liking, then you have a direct route to Kazantip. The electronic music festival sprawls on the south coast and welcomes guests in the midst of summer. Sun, sea, good music - what could be better ?! Read more about the festival and its location in the material "Where is the Kazantip?".

East Coast

Family holidays on the East coast of Crimea.

This holiday is recommended for families who prefer quiet, quiet places without crowded beaches. Landscapes will amaze with their beauty. You will not remain indifferent to rest in the Crimea. Enjoy nature, breathe the fresh sea breeze. Also, this place is recommended for people with respiratory diseases and various allergies. In addition, rest on the east coast is cheaper than on the south. But this does not mean that it is worse to rest here.There are also many attractions, excellent sandy beaches, not so hot, and the water is warm and clear. The ideal quiet holiday for families with children - East Coast of Crimea.

Crimean extreme

Crimea and extreme rest.

Do not doubt that in the Crimea you can find extreme rest. Cape Tarhakut is the best place for lovers of extreme sports and recreation. Transparent, warm and deep enough sea as if created for divers. The underwater world of the Black Sea will leave an indelible impression on you and your friends. The cities of Solnechnogorsk and Novy Svet are places for those who want to rest in savages in tents. Here you can reunite as much as possible with the magnificent nature of Crimea.

Winter holidays

You can have a good rest in the Crimea in winter.

World-famous ski resorts of Crimea. In the mountains of Crimea, snow lays all three winter months, so lovers of alpine skiing and snowboarding can come here all winter. But still recommend for skiing in February or March. At the ski camps there is all the special equipment, the beginner will be helped by an instructor. The most popular places for skiing: Angarsk pass, the lower plateau Chatyr-Dag. More steep ski slopes you will find on the slopes of Ai-Petri.Tourists travel to the top of the slopes by cable car or by car. You can sit on the camp sites, which surprise originality, the kitchen is amazing variety and originality of dishes. And lovers of the exotic can ride here even on camels.

That is so diverse vacation in the Crimea at any time of the year. You can not remain indifferent if you go there at least once.