Where in Moscow you can have fun?

There is a lot of places for interesting leisure in Moscow. You can just walk along the street, visiting all the places that interest you, or you can read about some of them in advance and choose the most attractive ones. Consider a few interesting places in Moscow that you might like.

  1. Restaurant "Kazbek".Restaurant "Kazbek"Restaurant dedicated to authentic Georgian cuisine. The creator of the project, Andrei Dellos, was able to collect his memories of the Georgian holidays in it. This place incorporates the author's impressions of his Georgian holidays, a sunny atmosphere reigns here. The restaurant has a lot of daylight and beautifully aged walls. There are textured floors and carved wooden screens, and a special stove adds a wood-burning stove in which bread and khachapuri are baked.
    If you want to not only enjoy the wonderful Georgian cuisine, but also to feel the spirit of this wonderful country, “Kazbek” is for you.
  2. Beauty embassy boutiqueIf you like to walk not only with pleasure, but also with benefit, you can walk through the shops with useful goods, cosmetics and products.If you are attracted to such places, Beauty Embassy Boutique may like you. Here you can find the best body and face care products, indoor fragrances, rare perfume. There is everything for beauty and pleasure, so it is useful to look here for those who take care of their attractive appearance.
  3. The Experimental is a modern entertainment museum dedicated to the world of science. Looks like an amusement ride where you can participate in general education laboratories, seminars and lecture halls. Scientific ideas are embodied in the present in an interactive form. Exhibits in the museum can be viewed, touched, experimented with them. Anyone can come and learn something new and useful at master classes, courses or at scientific and educational events. The museum has six sections: hydrodynamics, mechanics, acoustics, optics, magnetism, electricity. Visitors to the museum can discover the secrets of the universe, study technology and science in modern conditions. It is interesting and useful for the mind of both adults and children!
  4. In the summer in good weather, you want and it is useful to walk in the fresh air. You can go to the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, which attracts not only with its monuments and nature, but also with legends and legends.If you visit this place, pay attention to two boulders - Maiden's Stone and Goose-Stone. The maiden stone predicts motherhood, the goose-stone gives man's strength. But touching them, you can make any other cherished desires - many believe that they come true, even if not so soon.
  5. Restaurant "Seiji" will appeal to anyone who likes Japanese cuisine. Included in the list of the best restaurants in Moscow and the world. Here you can find all the dishes of Japanese cuisine, as well as the latest innovations. The place is decorated in the classic Japanese tradition: you will sit on tatami next to the pillows and at wooden tables. You will enjoy interesting and rare dishes made from fresh ingredients.
  6. Cotomania ClubKotomania Club is one of the popular kotokafa options, where you can relax and feel yourself in a cozy atmosphere and surrounded by purring cats. Here you can have a lot of chat with different fluffy purrs, sit in an easy chair with a cup of tea or coffee, meet friends. On the lower floor of the club there is a relaxation room where yoga classes are held, including the unusual kotoyoga.
  7. Art Studio "White City" is located near the station "Chistye Prudy".This is a cozy place with a beautiful view from the windows. Here, the rest is in the works - from the bustle of the city will save a hobby, choose to your taste from the options. Here they are constantly developing new programs, master classes and author courses, where you can learn something new and express yourself through creativity.
  8. If you want to go somewhere with your child, not only for fun, but also for the purpose of learning something new, you can go to the cultural and educational center "Etnomir." On its territory there are more than 160 buildings, but the park continues to be actively developed and built. Interesting excursions, master classes, fascinating games, holidays and festivals are held here all year round. Here you can get acquainted with the culture of different ethnic groups, custodians of cultures, participate in quests. Each week in the park is devoted to a specific interesting topic. Here you can learn a lot of new things, catch a wave of creativity and positive energy, gain new impressions and learn new things.
  9. Jazz club "Academic" will appeal to true connoisseurs of jazz music. The stars of Russian rock, jazz, blues play here, and invitations of world famous jazz musicians are planned.The combination of excellent music with the best dishes of European and Caucasian cuisine will give you a wonderful rest of body and soul.

In Moscow there are many beautiful places with their own atmosphere - each of them can give something new and pleasant for the mind, body and soul. Choose the ones you like, remember the places that are suitable for you, discuss and share your impressions with friends and family. For each there are several favorite places that you want to return again and again.