Where is the Colosseum?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
April 24, 2015
Where is the Colosseum?

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The Colosseum is one of the largest structures in ancient Rome, and more specifically, the largest ancient Roman amphitheater. The word "Colosseum" can be translated as "colossal", "huge." Its dimensions are impressive: the arena has an oval shape of 86 by 54 meters, and the whole building is even larger - 156 by 188 meters. The height of the walls is 48 meters. The Colosseum accommodated at least 50 thousand people. Where is this amazing Colosseum located?

Location and brief history of the Colosseum

The Colosseum is located in the capital of Italy - Rome, in the place where the pond of Nero was located, in a hollow between three hills: Esquilinsky, Palatinsky and Tselievsky.

The construction of the building was about 8 years. The foundation was laid under Emperor Vespasian in 72 BC, who wanted to build the largest and grandest amphitheater in the whole world. And after 8 years, in 80 BC Emperor Titus consecrated the Colosseum, and the amphitheater saw the first spectators and guests in its walls.

The emperors loved to entertain themselves, conducting public fights between gladiators and animals, who fought until his death.If someone remained alive, then the audience has already decided whether to leave him alive or not.

Colosseum in the modern world

Nowadays, the Colosseum is a kind of calling card and symbol of Rome, just like, for example, the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Charles Bridge in Prague. The Colosseum is one of the largest ancient structures of the planet.

For a long time, the Colosseum underwent war and earthquakes, even used as a quarry for a thousand years. Therefore, at present, only one third of the Colosseum remains of its original condition, but this does not bother travelers from all over the world, who rush to Rome to admire the ancient Coliseum.