Where is Volgograd?

April 26, 2015
Where is Volgograd?

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All Russian people should know where Volgograd is located, because this is a legendary hero-city, fiercely fighting during the Great Patriotic War. It was here that the famous Stalingrad Battle took place, which became a turning point in the course of the war. At that time, the city was called Stalingrad, and until 1925 it was called Tsaritsyn.

Location of Volgograd

The million-plus city of Volgograd is located in the south-east of the European part of Russia, on the banks of the Volga (hence the modern name of the city). It is one of the longest Russian cities - Volgograd "stretches" along the Volga for as much as 60 km!

Volgograd - the center of the Volgograd region. It borders on the Saratov region, the Astrakhan region, the Rostov region, the Voronezh region, Kalmykia and Kazakhstan.

Volgograd can be found on these coordinates: 48 ° 43 'N, 44 ° 29' E

The distance from Moscow to Volgograd is about a thousand kilometers.

Of course, this city is worth a visit.