Where to give the dog?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
December 24, 2012
Where to give the dog?

Sometimes it happens that keeping a dog in the house is no longer possible. Let us leave aside the moral aspect of this problem and think about where to give the dog. But first, what to do with a stray dog ​​that you have found or met, but you cannot take to yourself.

Where to give a stray dog

You have regretted the animal, but you cannot keep it at home. Where to give the dog in this case? There are several ways to attach it.

  1. Method one: someone of your acquaintances or friends will want to take the dog to him. Option unlikely, but sometimes it happens. In this case, we must not forget that before you take the dog into the house, you need to take it to the vet so that he can examine it for various diseases. If there are none, then the beast can be safely taken, if something is revealed, then as an option: treat, if the disease allows.
  2. Method two: the dog may belong to someone. It may be worthwhile to place ads on nearby houses, in a free newspaper, and on the Internet that “a dog, boy (or girl), color such and such, breed such and such (if any), young (old) dog and etc. "That is, as accurately as possible to describe all possible signs. There are cases when there was a dog owner who did not even want to return his pet.
  3. Method Three: Take homeless dog to a shelter. Of course, there are quite a lot of animals in the shelters, but if there is no other possibility to attach the animal, then it is better to give it to the workers of the shelter.

Where to give a domestic dog or puppy

If you are reading this article, then, fortunately, you are far from thinking of throwing the unfortunate animal on the street, although the cases are different. Just a dog that grew up at home, it will be extremely difficult to adapt to the harsh street everyday life. And the best option would still be to give the dog to your good friends or acquaintances. In the end, you can post and ad on the Internet like this: "I have a dog, I can not keep it anymore, I will give in good hands." Believe me, there are many examples when a dog has new caring owners in this way. Well and, at the worst, you can give the dog to the shelter so that someone can attach it there.

The main thing is not to throw the animal into the street, because it will simply die there.Be merciful and show patience - and the new owners of the animal will surely be found. And a few words about puppies. Here, about the same options: you can ask friends to take a little friend, you can place an ad on the Internet / in the newspaper / at the entrances, and you can take the baby to a shelter.