Where to go with a girl?

A date with a young lady you like is always a very important event, because you want to show yourself well and provide you with a wonderful time. By choosing the option, you can either take the path of least resistance, choose the old-kind romance, or decide on something more courageous and non-trivial.

Traditional solutions

Don't know your partner well yet? Then give preference to one of the usual places for lovers, because the classics never go out of fashion.


The plus of this place is in a relaxing darkness, which will perfectly hide your constraint and help you make the cherished steps towards rapprochement. For many, the first hugs and kisses happened in the cinema. As for which movie to choose, you can go with a girl to a good melodrama, where couples usually go to create a romantic atmosphere. But you can choose any other genre.

A cafe

A great option for fun communication in a cozy beautiful setting. If you want to show the girl how elegant you look in a suit and how generously you spend money, then choose a restaurant instead of a cafe.

A park

The most budget option that goes well with movies and cafes. Just keep in mind that not every girl will enjoy a long walk. Also it is necessary to warn the young lady in advance about your plans, asking to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. And, of course, be sure to see the weather forecast. By the way, if in your city there is a city park with spacious clean lawns, then you can easily have a wonderful picnic there.

Original approach

If all of the above seems unbearably boring to you, or if you already knew your girlfriend well enough, you can decide on more ambitious and original ideas.

  • Lesson from the choreographer. Your lady of heart loves to dance? Why not record yourself and her for a couple of lessons to a good choreographer? Just choose the style she likes.
  • Concert. Favorite admitted that she had long dreamed of attending a performance by a famous group? Make her such a gift!
  • Lecture / training. Is she interested in psychology, art history, thinking about the idea of ​​creating her own business? Then you can go with a girl to a thematic lecture / training from a venerable professional in the desired field.
  • Observatory.Just imagine how much romance in the joint admiring the magnificent beauty of the starry sky! And if the partner is also interested in astronomy, then sincere gratitude for your well-organized meeting is guaranteed.
  • Exhibition. Is there an exhibition of a talented artist / photographer / sculptor in the city? Arrange a day for yourself and a girl surrounded by interesting creative works.
  • Paintball. A wonderful reason to introduce the lady of the heart to friends is to invite her to the “colorful shooting range”.
  • Sauna. Well, who, in fact, said that this place is not for dates? Take with you the traditional set of drinks and snacks for the sauna, a disc with good music / film and relax as it should. Just keep in mind that this idea is suitable for people who are familiar enough, because not every girl will agree to be alone with a little-known man in a bathing suit.
  • Amusement park Do not know where to go with a girl? Then make a small, but fascinating and lively journey into the world of childhood. Ride your favorite rides and merry-go-rounds, shoot at the dash for prizes, buy cotton candy and a giant ice cream cone.
  • Game room.If you do not have a computer set-top box at home, then you can offer the girl to go to a game club. It will certainly impress the console, controlled by gestures. Pick up something that will be interesting to both of you, and arrange a serious duel. The loser will have to fulfill any desire of the winner ...
  • Karting. A delightful idea for a couple eager for an adrenaline jolt. By the way, there are other, even more extreme forms of recreation: flights by airplane, hot air balloon, helicopters, etc.