Where to lead friends in Moscow?

Friends come to us for a week in Moscow. Where better to reduce them? Maybe even in several places. I, as a Muscovite, everything is already familiar here. And what will be really interesting to the guests?
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Oh, I do not like these tours with an overview of the architecture. As for me, it is very boring. Go to the entertainment centers, the planetarium, the rides, the cable car in the end. This is a much more memorable and fun option.
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You can go on a walking tour of China-town:. This tour includes an overview of several old churches that are really worth seeing. Well, if you come across a professional guide in love with your city. Then Muscovites will be able to discover many new and interesting things.
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Take a walk around Red Square. It may be trite, but I believe that every guest of Moscow should be there. And then you can dine in one of the restaurants in the city center with a good view. Search the Internet for the name of the restaurant, which is located on the roof of the building.From there opens a chic review.
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Natalia Kozachok
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And I want to go to the capital with the children next weekend, take a walk around the city. I already thought of the program. By itself, we will go through Red Square, also planned a tour of the Moscow River on a river tram, we go down to the Experimentalum, to a contact zoo. If we have time, I would like to get to VDNH. In general terms, the hulk, just left unresolved issue with housing.