Where to live in Moscow?

Modern Moscow is the center of Russian life, a lot of entertainment, huge capital and cash flow, some of which, with a competent approach and a certain amount of luck, can be used by any enterprising person. People come to Moscow to work and study, and many still live here. In the article we will tell you in detail where it is better to live in Moscow and describe what these or those areas are more attractive than others and which areas are considered the most prestigious for living.

The best areas of Moscow

We begin, in fact, with Moscow districts, of which, as we know, eight. They are called so (AO - administrative district):

  • Central District - central,
  • SAD - south,
  • SAO - North,
  • HLW - Eastern,
  • South-West Administrative Okrug - South-West,
  • SZAO - Northwest,
  • SEAD - Southeast,
  • NEAD is a northeastern administrative district.

Administrative division is presented on various maps, and we will present these areas in terms of comfortable living. The South-Western Administrative Okrug and the Northern Administrative Okrug are considered the most environmentally friendly districts of Moscow, especially such areas as Teply Stan, Konkovo,Butovo (north and south), Bitsevsky Forest Park in the South-West, Losinoostrovsky, Medvedkovo (north and south), Northern, Yaroslavsky, Babushkinsky, Otradnoe, Bibirevo, Lianozovo and Altufevsky in the North. However, there is no reason to say that the ecology is much better there than in other parts of Moscow. Judge for yourself: a multimillion-dollar city with a huge number of enterprises for several kilometers around. At the same time, according to statistics, people live longer in the center of the capital - although, it would seem, what kind of ecology can we talk about there. But residents of the central regions, as a rule, are better off and every day they see magnificent capital sights. That is why those who can afford it, settle closer to the center. Also, the central region (CAO) significantly exceeds the rest in transport accessibility: from here you can easily reach any point of the capital on the same metro. Now imagine if you live in the same Teply Stane, and you work, let's say, in Cherkizovo - even on the subway, the path will not be close.

Where in Moscow live well

And what do the citizens themselves think about Moscow life? Here are the specific opinions: “If not the center,then the South-West is definitely the most pleasant region ”,“ At one time I lived in the South-West, and now I live in the North, and, frankly, I like the CAO much more than the South-Western Administrative Okrug. If only because the North is greener and there are a lot more parks in it. Well, the infrastructure here is cheaper than in the pathetic South-Western Administrative Okrug ”. As we see, how many people, so many opinions and peripheral areas, especially from each other, in general, do not differ. We talked about the districts, now more specifically - by districts. Where to live in Moscow is most comfortable? Of course, in areas where there are large green areas - parks and forest parks. We will talk about such places in the capital in the following chapters.

Green areas of the North of Moscow

Let's start with the Northwest. In the area of ​​Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo there is a natural historical park of the same name. The forest park that existed on this place since 1935 was landscaped in the late 90s, and now there are many unique natural attractions on the territory of more than 220 hectares. What are only the ancient pines, which at the moment for more than 230 years. A few closer to the center are the cozy parks Savelovsky and Dubki, located near the Savelovskaya and Timiryazevskaya metro stations, and the Botanical Garden, founded in the victorious 1945th year, is located near the metro station.On the territory of this northern Moscow garden there are more than 20 thousand very different plants. In 1932, Ostankino Park was set up in the Ostankino district - a very cozy place where the locals like to relax.

Eastern areas with parks

East of Moscow is famous for parks Izmailovsky and Sokolniki. This is a favorite vacation spot of many Muscovites. Izmaylovsky recreation park was founded in 1930. As for the Izmailovo Forest Park, located nearby, it is far from clean everywhere. Sokolniki Park has a very convenient layout and a large number of deciduous trees: centenary oaks, ash trees, birches, maples and elms. The park also has a large number of birds and even some animals: squirrels, hedgehogs and foxes. Finally, the most western park of Moscow - Terletsky, is also famous for its ponds. Terletsky park or, officially, Terletskaya oak forest - these are some nice ponds with bridges, islets and even small beaches. This is an ideal place for family holidays, as the park has entire play complexes, as well as a boat station.

Green areas of the South-East

I want to start with the museum-reserve Kolomna, located in the same area. This is not only a remarkable park for its beauty, but also architectural landmarks located in the park. This is one of the favorite places of many Muscovites and guests of the capital - including mine too. The park, or rather, the Tsaritsyno manor with the adjacent park, located just south of Kolomenskoye, is an outstanding creation of Russian Gothic - a very interesting and unique style. Somewhat east of Tsaritsyno there are the largest in the territory of Moscow ponds - Borisov. These ponds have their history since the time of Boris Godunov. In the modern park there is everything for a wonderful holiday, and there are also two very beautiful Orthodox churches. In the south-eastern outskirts of Moscow - in Kuzminki, near the metro station with the same name, Kuzminki Park is divided. Kuzminki Park is a huge area of ​​more than 1000 hectares with a large forest, ponds, attractions, playgrounds. There is even a museum there. And in Kuzminki there are a lot of squirrels, so a walk in this park can give you communication with real wildlife.

Southern areas with parks

Now go to the south, where the colossal territory is occupied by the Bittsevsky Forest Park. This is the name of one of the districts of Moscow, where this forest is located. By area, the Bitsevsky Forest is second only to Sokolniki (together with Losinoostrovsky). On the territory of the Bitsevsky forest there are several reservoirs, including the Chertanovka and Gorodnya rivers, there are many well-maintained forest paths with benches, harmless forest little animals live. In many ways, precisely because of this creation of nature and man, the South of Moscow is so popular for life. To the west of Bitsevsky Forest there are two very cute parks - Troparevo and Vorontsovskiy. The first one is even a protected reserve, and Vorontsovsky Park is a beautiful well-kept place that looks like the best parks in Europe. Finally, closer to the center is a very well-kept park Sparrow Hills and Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill.

The best areas of Moscow - the city center

The center of the capital, of course, cannot boast of such green areas as the outskirts, however, firstly, the center is always better arranged and, for example, better removed in winter, and secondly, nothing can compare with the center of Moscow on transport accessibility.Therefore, many business people prefer to settle in the center, where the lion's share of the Moscow offices of all the most prestigious companies is located. Well and, of course, sights: their one listing will take more place, than all our article. It is the old Moscow streets and houses that create the unique, cozy atmosphere that native Muscovites will not exchange for anything. Among the shortcomings of the central regions are higher prices and not such fresh air as on the outskirts with extensive parks. Well, I think you have already decided where to live in Moscow. It is clear that it is difficult to find the ideal place in this huge city: it is good to live and rest somewhere, but far from the center, somewhere convenient infrastructure, but not very good ecology, however, as you probably noticed, many districts of Moscow they are attractive in their own way, so the best districts of Moscow are their own for everyone. Finally, I want to share with you a good one and a complete description of all the green areas of the capital.