Which walker is better?

Motoblock is a versatile unit with broad functionality. It effectively processes the earth, and also it can be used as a generator or a water pump. With it, you can carry goods and use it as a mini-tractor. Because of this, it is in demand by farmers and individuals who have a plot of land. In order to understand which walker is better, you need to know what they are.

Motoblocks classes

There are four classes of tillers, depending on engine power and weight.

  • Ultralight. These are cheap tillers, they have a small mass and not very powerful motor. Ultra-lightweight units weigh about 9-12 kg. These include apparatuses of the German company Solo-501N, Japanese HondaFG100 and American Mantis. They are mainly used for the treatment of topsoil. Considering this class, it does not matter which walker is better to buy. They are not much different from each other. Turns of a mill and a form of knives at them identical. With the help of the cutter is loosening the soil and the destruction of weeds.
  • Lungs.Motorblocks belonging to the light series have a mass of from 20 to 30 kg. Motor power they have about 2.5-3.5 horsepower. From this series, motorblocks of German, Japanese and Italian manufacturers Gart-350, F-210 and Euro-2, respectively, performed well. They dig up the soil quickly and easily. They have a fairly simple design and it is very easy to work with them. However, in order for the buyer to figure out which is the best walk-behind tractor in this series, it is necessary to take into account the design features of the equipment. Lightweight tillers have two ways to tension the drive belt. In some, the motor is movably mounted on the base, in others it is motionless. Motorblocks with a moving engine vibrate more and structurally they are weaker. Vibration is transmitted to the hands and body, which causes discomfort. But, with the purchase of such equipment, you can win in the price of about 1600-2000 rubles. In order to determine the method of belt tension, it is necessary to press the clutch lever, and if the engine starts to “crawl” on the stand, it means that such a walk-behind tractor does not have a tension roller.
  • Average. These tillers have a weight of 40 to 60 kg and a power of 3.5-5.5 horsepower.Such models as Solo-503, Gart-550, Viking-VH500, Jonsered-JFT5, Euro-5, etc. can be attributed to them. They have the same principle of light transmission as rotation from engine to cutter. But having chains and belts much stronger, they transmit more effort. Due to the larger diameter of the cutter, these tillers can loosen the ground deeper. And in view of the fact that their weight is much greater than that of lightweight equipment, middle-class tillers milling the soil more thoroughly and confidently and easily controlled. It is possible to hang various equipment on the tillers of this class: a cultivator, a harrow, etc. This greatly expands the capabilities of the tillers. Therefore, which walker is better for work, it is necessary to determine depending on what functions it has. You can even work with the plow, the main thing in this business is to acquire dexterity. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the tillers weighing 60-70 kg. They have a reinforced gearbox and high-strength transmission belts. Engine power 5.0-5.5 horsepower. The model Solo-504, Viking-VH600 motoblocks have a great resource. They have two gears forward, powertrain provides reduced speed of the working shaft to work with additional equipment. This unit can handle a fairly large area of ​​land.For the price, they are much lower than professional motoblocks, but they have much more features than amateur machines.
  • Heavy. The weight of such tillers reaches 100 kg. The famous models include the Neva-2K and Salyut. They are produced with Russian and American engines. They have 4 forward gears and 2 back. Both that and other devices can work with a cultivator, a plow, to pull freight to 500 kg. Motorblocks that have an imported engine installed are 20–30% more expensive.

Motoblocks manufacturers

When choosing and determining which is the best walk-behind tractor, the country of origin matters. Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian equipment, to date, on the main characteristics inferior equipment from Germany, Japan, Italy and other developed countries. Therefore, choosing a walker, special attention should be paid to its reliability. Among the most reliable tillers can be distinguished Italian manufacturer "Mechanics Bennasi." They are made of high-quality metal, have a gear transmission, they can work without interruption. When choosing a cheaper equipment, you should pay attention to the motor-blocks of the Russian manufacturer: "Cascade", "Neva", "Mole", "Salyut". They are quite reliable, since their production has long been debugged.