Who is a sociopath?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
March 10, 2015
Who is a sociopath?

Sociopathy is one of the mental disorders that occurs as a result of adverse living conditions, the negative impact of the environment, improper education. Pathology can occur at any age, but children are the most vulnerable category. Sociopathy manifests itself in ignoring social norms, impulsive behavior, aggressiveness, inability to form attachments.


How to understand, is a sociopath a person or not? Only a qualified psychologist can determine a person’s mental state and make an accurate diagnosis. However, there are a number of signs characteristic of a sociopath:

  • Unexpected and inappropriate actions. Sociopaths can completely ignore social norms and generally accepted frameworks of behavior. Their actions are often associated with risks to themselves and others. They do not think at all about the consequences when making this or that decision.
  • Permanent lies. Sociopaths are constantly telling lies, even without much need.They tell the most incredible stories so believably that it is very difficult to catch them in a lie.
  • Criminal behavior In severe cases, sociopaths are contrary to the law. For their behavior is characterized by audacity, adventurism, cruelty. Sociopath can be a professional fraud, a thief and even a murderer.
  • No guilt or shame. Sociopaths are not familiar with the pangs of conscience; they never repent of their actions, whatever negative physical or moral consequences they may have.
  • Manipulation of people. A sociopath often gathers around him a group of weak-tempered individuals for whom he is a leader. Using their passive attitude in life, he influences their thoughts and actions and uses them for his own purposes.
  • Indifference to people. Sociopaths are not able to build close relationships with people, because they do not feel love, sympathy, respect, pity, or other human feelings for them. They are not interested in anyone but themselves.

The listed symptoms to some extent can be inherent in any person, but they are more pronounced in sociopaths. If you are thinking about who a sociopath is, you should not diagnose someone you know, having found characteristic signs in him.