Why do eyes blush?

Surely everyone can remember that painful feeling when the eyes become inflamed, begin to redden and itch. As a rule, quickly get rid of these symptoms does not work. To know how to treat such a condition, it is necessary, first of all, to figure out what caused it. This article provides the main reasons why your eyes turn red and how to deal with it.


The most common reason for red eyes is fatigue. A person who has worked at a computer for a long time or has poured over the papers, first of all, give out his eyes. But such fatigue can appear not only because of work, but also in case you have played computer games or watched TV for several hours. What is the reason? The fact is that at such times your eyes are tense, you are focused and less likely to blink. Accordingly, dryness appears in the eyes, and as a result - redness and pain.

In order to avoid reddening of the eyes, it is necessary to take small breaks every hour, work in a well-lit room and periodically perform simple exercises for the eyes.In case of emergency, if you urgently need to bring your eyes back to normal, you can use special eye drops with a moisturizing effect. Well, the most effective way to get rid of redness is to rest and have a good sleep.

Dry and dusty air

Another common reason why the whites of the eyes turn red is the abundance of airborne particles that irritate the eyeball (dust, smoke, various chemical compounds), and the banal dryness of the air. Now the vast majority of offices and homes use air conditioners and various electric heaters that do an excellent job with their basic function of controlling the ambient temperature, but the air becomes very dry. To prevent red eyes in these conditions, the room should be aired regularly. In addition, special air humidifiers are sold in stores.

Infectious diseases and allergies

There are a number of diseases that can cause redness and eye irritation. Perhaps the most common among them is conjunctivitis.As a rule, conjunctivitis occurs as a result of dust, sand and other foreign objects getting into the eyes, as well as due to various infections and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Conjunctivitis is the most common reason why a child’s eyes turn red. However, this disease affects the elderly as well.

In addition, many allergic reactions in the body are also accompanied by reddening of the eyes. Certain foods, cosmetics, various chemicals, dust, mold, animal hair, etc. can cause allergies. To get rid of irritation caused by one or another allergen, it is necessary first to determine and eliminate the cause of an allergic reaction, and then get rid of its symptoms.