Why don't they read books?

In today's world, everything is changing so quickly that sometimes there is no time to stop and think: what is actually happening with our personalities, why are human feelings becoming more and more lightweight, relationships are fleeting, families are incomplete? The list of problems can be continued for a very long time. To think about them a person can only motivate the thoughts of great people, artistic works, which are described in books. But reading now has become much less. Why don't they read books? What prevents people from enjoying the most valuable thing in society - the gold reserve of human wisdom?

Speed ​​of life

If we recall the situation in society 30-35 years ago, then it can be understood that people had much more free time. An adult went to work, and then he could fully devote himself to his family and his own internal growth. Now, in order to feed the family and start living at least at an average level, you have to work very hard. Often, after one job you have to run to another. More and more people are becoming individual entrepreneurs, and only they work 18 hours a day.

Many strive to become leaders in order to increase their income.But, by acquiring a position, an employee acquires much larger responsibilities, the amount of work increases. In such a situation, even for a dream, there is little time left for books? And the phrase - I can not read books, in fact means that they simply have no time to read. Even schoolchildren stopped taking the works of the classics in their hands, preferring to them to watch the film adaptation of novels and stories.

Cinema and television

Of course, it’s easier to watch a movie in an hour and a half than 2 weeks to read War and Peace. That is - faster. This is the first reason for not reading. The second lies in the preference for using several channels of perception, without straining the imagination. People who do not read books do not like to think, they choose bright visual images. And with amazing special effects and with simple plots of modern films, this choice becomes very clear. In the process of watching the film, there is an effect on hearing, sight in the brightest forms. It uses the effects of music, timbres and intonations, colors and shades, in some cases, poetry. But the most important difference from the book is that a person does not need to think about what the hero looks like, the landscape, his actions, everything is already in finished form appears before him on the screen. And it is very convenient for those who are not used to thinking at all.Such, unfortunately, in our society a lot.

Modern gadgets

Children, teenagers, and adults already, prefer not to take paper books in their hands. E-books are bought, literary works are downloaded from the Internet. Teenagers "avidly" read fantasy, adults are fond of incomprehensible quality detectives. But these are exactly the books that are not worth reading. These modern "bestsellers" are always of poor quality, practically do not teach anything, even on the contrary, they tune in to cruelty, aggression, and easy life. Before teaching schoolchildren to think, read, analyze, they need to inculcate in them a taste for serious literature. This can help them only parents. If they start reading wise books with their children, then generation after generation, people will start reading more.