Why do men lie

OpinionThe fear look in the eyes of others less strong, intelligent, courageous, generous makes the man embellish reality, invent events that actually did not occur. The desire to lie arises more often in cases where a man is not self-confident and gives his weakness an excessive importance. Even if people can understand and accept him for what he is, internal dissatisfaction with himself will push him into another unnecessary lie.
Caring to hurt a loved one pain causes a man to embellish the situation, smooth out sharp corners, giving unpleasant events less sinister or destructive. Such a lie may be useful, but it is impossible to always protect your loved ones from the truth. No wonder they say that all secret once becomes clear. A lie, even for good, can lead to a gap between loved ones, because it violates the principle of trust.
Loss of fear to lose something or someone tempts a man to lie, just to keep what he has.Very much depends on the strength of attachment to the object or person. People and things that surround a man every day bring him comfort, a feeling of relaxation, security and stability, and create a zone of his comfort. For any person to get into other conditions is stress, therefore, a lie sometimes seems the only way to keep everything and keep it in place.
AmbitionsStrach to be left behind - in the group of losers, not getting a well-deserved (or not completely deserved) recognition can also causemenare lying Achieve the goal by any means and ways, if necessary, lie (put in jeopardy, tarnish, kill) - just to eliminate competitors from a distance. Fear of not getting what you want causes a man to become extremely resourceful in a lie.
Surviving the fear of being subject to bodily pain is probably the only reason a lie can be justified. When a life situation confronts a choice to deceive and survive or tell the truth and get injured (die), it is wiser to choose the first option. It is unlikely that someone will voluntarily agree to something else. The survival instinct laid by nature is a powerful enough mechanism.And it's good that in everyday life, people relatively rarely have to find themselves in situations where a lie can be the only chance to survive.