Why do wives leave?

Yesterday, still so loved and dear, today she is with another. Why is this happening? A woman deliberately entered into marriage, that is, she linked her life with yours, she once became yours. But today, the cruel reality killed her love, took her care and devotion and handed it over to another man. This is life, you say, or maybe not? Maybe it is you? Let's see why wives are leaving

Reasons for leaving wife

  1. Values Admit to yourself honestly, was she really so loved and dear to you? Yes, of course, yes! And often you showed it to her? Maybe in your heart you always knew and felt it, but in fact they showed something completely different. It's no secret that over the years, we cease to appreciate what is important to us. It is always with us, and we love to appreciate only when we lose. Every woman is vulnerable and, at the same time, a very strong person who wants not only to guess, but also to see that someone needs her, and when she doesn’t notice this for a long time, she is able to drop everything and collect things . Understand her, she, for sure, is completely sure that you have fallen out of love with her already a long time ago.
  2. Time.How much time did you give her? Of course, work is work, but often men spend their free time on their friends, not on their family. Over time, a problem arises, because the wife left the house not being able to be alone all the time.
  3. Drunkenness. Too often, families break up due to the addiction of the husband, because of his addiction to alcohol. How can a woman cope with the addiction of the head of the family, if she is in such a state almost all the time, without even controlling her actions, can swear at her, be disrespectful, and even raise her hand? The child sees everything that happens, and the wife, first of all, the mother, she can tolerate some personal insults, but she will cover her children with her breasts from any adversity. Wife left with the baby? In such a situation, it is not surprising.
  4. Treason, betrayal. No less common reason for leaving. Even after this, some men do not understand why the wife left the family. Perhaps you believe that sex with another woman is a natural, physiological process for any man, but no, this is a stupid excuse for being weak. Women consider treason to be a betrayal.On the wedding day, you promised her loyalty, and men should keep their word.
  5. Sex life. People get married when they have love. And love, whatever it may sound like, does not exist without sex. When people suit each other in terms of sex, they are ready to unite their destinies, because sex is an important component of our life. Perhaps something has changed in your sex life. If your wife went to her lover, think, maybe you stopped arranging her in this regard? Maybe you did something wrong lately? This reason is not so common, but still some couples break up for this very reason. They are disappointed in their partner and are trying to find a worthy replacement for him.
  6. Reluctance to have children. Every woman is born to give someone a new life. A woman wants to become a mother, but a man is afraid of this, in his eyes this is an inordinate responsibility for another person. A wife can come to terms with many things, but if you do not give her the opportunity to feel like a mother, she will not forgive this.

Wife is gone: how to return

  1. Values Don't wait for her to leave, show her that you need her today, now.A woman will not be tolerated for long, if they take her for granted. If she is already gone, do such an act that will tell her that she is your greatest value.
  2. Time. Give her more time. She misses you when you are at work, show her that you are sad too, do not run into your only day-off to your friends, or take her with you. If she left you, call and invite her on a date. Give her a whole day. To be sure that she will definitely agree to go with you, arrange meetings very similar to your first meeting. She will be interested and she just can not refuse.
  3. Drunkenness. Decide what is more important for you - personal family well-being or a glass of vodka? The choice is yours!
  4. Treason, betrayal. In this case, it will not be so easy to return it. If she forgives you - she is the kindest woman on earth. To do this, you have to literally "from the skin to climb," or even more.
  5. Sex life. Turn on the fantasy, surprise her, give her pleasure. Do not allow your wife to go to her lover due to the fact that you do not arrange her sexually.
  6. Reluctance to have children.She left because you were afraid to have a baby? Then weigh all the pros and cons, if you really love her, then you just can not help but want children from her. Explain to her what you were afraid, she will understand you.

Now you know why wives leave their husbands in the most common cases. We wish you not to fall into such situations and live in harmony with your soul mate.