Why do women change?

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Why do women change?

Cheating is all painful, but betrayal does not bring anyone such pain as a deceived man. Knowing why women cheat on men can be very useful and help prevent betrayal from being loved.

Why do women change

Women and men look at many things differently, including the fact of betrayal. For men, cheating is a physical connection, for women it is an emotional connection. Therefore, a woman is easier to relate to sex with another partner, sometimes without even considering that she did something bad, she would be guilty about herself if she fell in love with another person. Misunderstanding between partners can be the reason why women change their husbands and loved ones. It is important that the couple had rules so that everyone knew that they considered treason. Knowing that her actions can greatly harm the relationship, a woman who really appreciates her partner will probably not risk and cheat on him.

The reasons why women change can be internal: lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and the fear of aging. Particularly susceptible to these factors are women 30 years and older.A woman is very important to attention, it is important for her to be considered beautiful and attractive, and we have no right to judge her, because in all the fairy tales that we heard in childhood all princesses were first and foremost beautiful, and only then good and caring and wise. Tell a woman how beautiful she is, what you like about her appearance and personality. A good option would be to photograph your woman, if you don’t know yourself, you can order a photo session from a professional photographer, when you see your photos, beautiful and well made, any woman will feel beautiful and desired, and if you put her photos in a prominent place so that your guests, it will emphasize their importance and your opinion of its beauty.

Why women change their husbands

To understand why women change their husbands, it is important to know about the “law of psychological treason”. According to this law, a partner’s attention over time is addictive, we know that our half loves us, we often hear about it and gradually stop responding to it because we no longer hear anything new or unexpected. The attention of any person from the side is much more unexpected and because of this is perceived much more emotionally.It's like with birthday gifts: you can ask for something specific as a gift, and then we will be pleased, but no surprise, but a surprise can cause a real storm of emotions, even if it turns out to be not exactly what you need. Make your attention so new for the woman and unexpected. This does not mean that it is necessary to scold her, find in it something for which you rarely praise her, make unexpected gifts and be spontaneous.

If you have long ceased to go on a date and have been living together for many years, the return of romance to relationships will greatly help and bring positive emotions to both of you.