Why do you want to sleep?

The life of modern people requires a lot of energy, effort and time to do a lot of things in a day. Therefore, we often have to sacrifice the basic needs of our body, one of which is sleep. As a result, many people want to sleep during the day or even constantly. Why is this happening? Let's figure it out.

The reasons why you want to sleep

Why do you want to sleep? Everyone knows that for a normal life, a person must observe the regime of work and rest. Sleep is the best way to rest, during which the body not only rests completely, but also recovers, gaining strength for a new day. And all this happens according to the biological clock that every person has. After a period of activity (about 15 hours) the body sends us signs that it is time to rest. These signals appear in the form of drowsiness, distraction of attention, fatigue, desire to lie down, etc. And so it happens every day. Good sleep is necessary for a person for health and normal life. Moreover, each person needs his own specific number of hours. It varies in size from 4 to 10 hours. 4 hours is the norm only for a small number of people.If you sleep less than 4 hours or more than 10 every day, then you should think about sleep patterns. Sleeping is not as harmful as sleeping much. Both are symptoms of disruption of the body, signals of possible diseases.

Causes of daytime sleepiness

With a night's sleep, everything is clear, but why do you want to sleep during the day? The reasons may be as follows.

Lack of sleep at night or sleepless night. The body was not enough rest at night, so he wants to sleep during the day.

The desire to sleep after a hearty meal is due to the fact that blood from the brain flows to the stomach and intestines in order to ensure normal digestion. A lack of blood in the brain leads to daytime sleepiness. That is why after eating you want to sleep. What to do if you want to sleep in this situation? In the afternoon it is better not to rush to run to work, but give yourself a few minutes of rest.

In rainy weather, daytime sleepiness is associated with a decrease in atmospheric pressure. On such days we get less oxygen and because of this we want to sleep.

Motion sickness in transport also affects the appearance of drowsiness. The fact is that in early childhood, parents often rocked children before bedtime.The brain subconsciously stores this information, and in similar moments reminds us of it. You ride the bus, you are slightly swayed, there are a number of people in the same positions, and if the sun is hot too ... It’s no wonder why many are sleepy!

Lack of vitamins can also cause daytime sleepiness.

Often you want to sleep for those who make flights with a change of time zone. The body needs 2-3 days to adjust to the daily time of a new place. And while he lives in the old time - he wants to sleep when night fell in the last place.

The stuffy room is another cause of daytime sleepiness. This is due to lack of oxygen. Ventilate often at home and in the office, and the desire to sleep will disappear.

Winter is also a good reason why you want to sleep. The amount of light is reduced, the day becomes shorter, the night is longer, the heat in the rooms. All this often leads to sleep.

The use of certain drugs causes the desire to sleep during the day.

Alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions are another reason why you want to sleep.

If you want to sleep constantly

But there are other, more serious situations associated with sleep.Why always and always want to sleep?

  1. Very busy schedule. If you work a lot and intensively during the day without rest breaks, then you quickly accumulate fatigue. If this happens every day, then chronic fatigue occurs, so the body wants to sleep all the time.
  2. Irregular mode of the day. If you sleep two days a day or allow yourself to sleep every day for a different amount of time, then an imbalance in the body soon comes. Since there is no mode, the body quickly gets tired and wants to sleep more and more. Often this happens in people working in different shifts.
  3. Increased fatigue. There are people who possess it since childhood. In this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will prescribe the necessary medicines and prescribe a course of treatment.
  4. A constant lack of sleep at night also often makes you nod off all day.
  5. Diseases of the somatic, neurological and mental spheres (for example, anemia, hormonal imbalances, autoallergic diseases, depression, stress, etc.). They all require medical treatment.
  6. Dependence on age. Young children under 7 and older people want to sleep more often.This is due to the characteristics of the body at their age and is quite normal.

Now you know why you want to sleep all the time. Remember that the quality and quantity of sleep has a big impact on overall health. Therefore, it is important to have a healthy and full sleep. If you have any problems with this, try to identify and eliminate the cause. And in especially serious cases, it is better to consult a doctor.