Why not connect to the server?

Singles are now becoming less popular. More and more players prefer to fight against each other or in teams, in multiplayer mode. However, what to do if the game does not start in this mode? Typically, the problem is connecting to the server. In this article we will talk about why two such popular video games as GTA SAMP and Battlefield do not connect to the server.

Reasons for not connecting to SAMP

As a rule, in the GTA SAMP connection to the game server, if all requirements and settings have been taken into account, it may not happen for the following reasons:

  • Incorrectly specified IP-address - carefully check the server's IP, paying attention also to the indication of the port. Many people think that the numbers in the address after the colon do not matter, but they are not. And in the SAMP, and in Battlefield without specifying the port, at best, you can be transferred to another server, and at worst - not added to the game.
  • You were banned - banned by IP / nickname / Steam ID. If in the last two cases the fault lies with you (illegal actions), then entire subnetworks often fly off to IP ban if dynamic IP is used and the intruder cannot be blocked.Exits from this situation: a petition to the forum, change Steam account, change IP or provider.
  • The inscription “connect to IP: Port” - no Internet, incorrectly specified IP, on the server Ddos-attack.
  • The game crashes with the error "Memory could not be read ...", "Access memory ...", etc. - found on Windows XP SP2 (no longer supported). It is solved by installing a version or a later version of Windows.
  • Server is not available. Technical devices have properties to break. Perhaps due to the heavy load, the server “fell” and the administration is carrying out technical work to restore it.

Reasons for not connecting to Battlefield

To the servers often can not connect for the following reasons:

  • You are not logged in to Origin - in order to run the game in multiplayer, you need to connect to and log in through your account. Make sure that Origin is not working offline. Also, try restarting Origin itself. Perhaps some kind of program crash occurred.
  • Problems with the hosts file (Path - C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc) - go to this file and find the lines with references to EA servers (ea.com).
  • Restarting the wrong version of the game (if you originally came from the Russified version, and then switched to the European one, then a conflict may arise). Solves the issue of reinstalling the game.
  • The reasons given for SAMP may also be relevant for Battlefield: a ban, an incorrectly specified IP, a temporary inaccessibility of the server, etc.

Common causes

As a rule, all computer games have a similar installation and configuration process, so the following list of reasons is relevant not only for BF and GTA SAMP, but also for other clients that support multiplayer mode.

The game was incorrectly installed

Check if you have installed the game correctly. Make sure that the path to the game is registered in Latin. To play in multiplayer mode, you need to install the appropriate client and go through the registration procedure. If you have previously installed a previous version of the game on your computer that you have deleted incorrectly, you will need to reinstall the game by cleaning the registry.

  1. Delete the game and all files associated with it.
  2. Clear the registry by going to the Start-Run menu, type regedit, press ctrl + F3, then enter the name of the game and delete all the lines related to this game.
  3. Install the game again.

No internet connection

Check for any problems with your internet connection. Perhaps you have somewhere damaged the cable, or the provider has any technical problems.In addition, you may have some background programs running that are automatically updated via the Internet and slow down your connection speed.

Access to servers is blocked by antivirus or firewall

Try to disable the antivirus and firewall alternately for a while. Some of them can block access to game servers, considering them an external threat. If the problem is found in them, you will need to change their settings so that this game is added to the list of exceptions.

We hope that our advice will help you solve this problem.